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Week of January 14

January 14

Preliminary meeting for ESE 205, chose group

January 18

First class meeting, finalized groups and gave potential project ideas.

Week of January 21

January 25

Second class meeting, received group TA (Keith Kamons), finalized project idea
Amanda, started Python tutorial, 1 hour

Week of January 28

January 28

Group meeting with TA and professor, received feedback about plausibility of project, outlined details of project plan.
Amanda, Tricia, group meeting, 1 hour
Tricia, started learning python, 30 min

January 30

Group met to work on Wiki page and project proposal, figure out more details of project.
Amanda, Tricia, group meeting, 1 hour
Amanda, finalized Gantt Chart, 45 min

January 31

Starting entry level objectives.
Amanda, started blackjack project, 1 hour
Amanda, continued learning Python, 1 hour

February 1

(See above)
Amanda, continued blackjack project, 1 hour
Amanda and Tricia, full class meeting, 1 hour

February 2

Amanda, set up Raspberry Pi OS and tested SSH, 1.5 hours


  • Learn Python
  • Complete tutorials (Keith sent)
  • Start night light
  • Start project presentation

Week of February 4

February 5

Amanda, Tricia, review raspberry pi basics, bash, 1 hour

February 6

Amanda, Tricia, group meeting with professor and TA, 30 min
Amanda, testing Raspberry Pi circuit, 1 hour

February 7

Amanda, figured out Raspberry Pi circuit and configuring pi crashing, 1 hour
Tricia, learning python, 1 hour

Week of February 11

February 12

Amanda, worked on project presentation, 30 min

February 13

Amanda, finishing up Blackjack, editing budget, 1.5 hours
Amanda, started outlining site navigation, FSM, 1 hour

February 14

Tricia, worked on nightlight, still doesn't work, 1.5 hrs
Amanda, set up internal paths using WAMP server to use localhost, 1.5 hrs

February 15

Tricia, worked on nightlight, is now working and soldered together, 2 hrs
Amanda, set up SSHing into pi zero, 1.5 hours

February 16

Amanda, created home page with links to login and signup for web interface, 1 hr
Amanda, updated gantt chart and presentation, 1 hr

Week of February 18

Goals for this/next week

A to D converter (raspberry pi)
Tricia - blink led using pi
Maybe set up model circuit?
Amanda - try writing script for final product (use diagram)
Figure out php to python

February 20

Group meeting, 30 min

February 21

Amanda, Tricia, worked on hardware of blink LED, 1 hour

February 22

Tricia, worked on blinking LED and blink switch, 2 hours
Blinking Circuit
Circuit with Alternating Input
Amanda, worked on npm init for blackjack, wiped SD card for pi3, 2.5 hours

February 23

Amanda, reset piZero SSH and other, 1 hour

Week of February 25

February 24

Tricia, began modeling circuit with relay, 30 min

February 27

Group meeting, 30 min

February 28

Amanda, working on understanding websockets and ports, 1 hour

March 1

Amanda, setting up websockets, looking at, 1 hour

Week of March 4

March 6

Amanda, finished websockets tutorial, becoming more familiar with lightsail, 1 hour
Tricia, read through AD wiki tutorial and researched other instruction resources, 1 hour

Week of March 11

Note: Week of Spring Break

March 11

Amanda, worked on general configuration at home, relay module testing, 1 hour

March 13

Amanda, playing around more with relay configuration, code for using relay as a switch, 1 hour

March 16

Tricia, found options for new box case, 1 hr

March 17

Tricia, finished wiring AD converter, need 10k resistor to complete coding, 1 hr

Week of March 18

March 24

Tricia, working on coding AD converter, need help, 1 hr

Goals for Next Week

Amanda: "Hello World" of websockets, be able to click something on website and turn something on pi on
Tricia: Finish AtoD converter setup
Edit project proposal if necessary

Week of March 25

March 25

Amanda, transferred files/debugged LAMP setup on EC2 Instance, 2 hours
Tricia, finished ADC code for light sensor, 2 hours

March 26

Amanda, finished setup for helloworld on web interface, 1.25 hours
Next Steps: test websockets (just pip installed websockets on pi, must check other SD card for exact syntax, need to adapt websocket code to python3.5

March 27

Amanda, attempting to finish websockets using LS, RasPi, EC2 for testing, 3 hours
Next Steps: determine why pi cannot act as server, test tornado framework

March 29

Amanda, figured out websockets for EC2 hosting, need to actually implement with hardware, 2 hours
Next Steps: see if we can figure out dataduplicity tutorial, otherwise edit second tornado tutorial

Week of April 1

April 2

Tricia, circuit box with knockouts ordered

April 3

Tricia, adjusted project description to smart outlet

For Next Week

Draft of the design and solution section of final project due Friday
Figure out why pi isn't working (test SD with other pi's, try pizero)
Put code on EC2
Write Tutorial

April 4

Amanda, troubleshooting pi emailer, 30 min

April 5

Amanda, fixed pi emailer (from, pushed code to git, fixed old tornado test, 2 hours Tricia, worked on ADC converter with Keith, 1.5 hours

Week of April 8

April 8

Tricia, worked on debugging code for ADC, 1.5 hours

April 10

Tricia, finished code and fritzing diagram for ADC, 1 hour

ADC wiring diagram

Amanda, debugging dataplicity wormhole, reading up on tornado, 2 hours

April 11

Amanda, got websockets working with ec2 instance! 1 hour

April 12

Amanda, got websockets working with relay and LED, 1.5 hours
Amanda, got server start to work on boot, changed web interface, 2 hours

April 14

Amanda, working on tutorial, 30 min

Week of April 15

April 15

Amanda, finished tutorial, worked on design and solution section 2.5 hours
Tricia, soldered components together, box arrived, 2 hours

April 16

Tricia, working on poster, 30 min

April 17

Amanda, testing pizero and pushing relevant code, various minor edits to various items, 1 hour

April 18

Tricia, soldering to pizero, 1.5 hours


  • Finish Poster
  • Finish Design and Solution Section
  • Work on IP address for pi
  • Hardware
  • Look at ADC code and determine IO pin for code on the site

Week of April 22

April 22

Amanda, modified websocket code for pizero, tested pizero in gallery, fixed IP shifting, other minor fixes, 4 hours
Amanda, worked on design and solution, corrections to poster, etc., 1 hour
Tricia, soldered parts to pi0 and wired relay to outlet and plug, 4.5 hours

April 23

Amanda, hooked up outlet with pi and relay, tested (works!), 1.5 hours

April 24

Amanda, testing in Lopata, coding other outlet, results and solutions, 1 hour
Amanda, got EC2 -> Pi Communication, 3 hours

April 25

Tricia, finished wiring ADC and relay to pi0, covered box, 2.5 hours
Amanda, testing pi, working through ADC code and debugging, 3.5 hours

April 26

Amanda, fixed sensors readings and pin configuration on pi (BCM), 2 hours

April 28

Amanda, finished software portion of design and solutions and results and solutions, 30 min

Week of April 29

Link to Project page

[View Project Page]