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Project Overview

Using a simple voice recognition code, this device encodes a vocal password and listens for a match to unlock a door. Using a microphone module of an Arduino, the code records the voice pattern, reduces noise, saves the file, then reads user voice input and compares for a certain percentage match. It is similar to "Knock Knock, Who's There?" except we will be reading an analog signal rather than a digital signal.


During the project, we will try to achieve the following:

  • Research and understand current models for simple voice recognition
  • Amplification and noise reduction of microphone signal
  • Circuitry (microphone, arduino, battery)
  • Pattern matching of microphone signals
  • LED feedback for successful password match
  • If we have time, include a button to allow for resetting the password


We may expect to see the following challenges over the course of this project:

  • Successful power supply from battery
  • Noise reduction of voice signal
  • Obtaining valuable patterns from voice signal
  • Comparing patterns in a probabilistic way that allows for error in the password


  • Microphone module ($10)
  • Amplifier circuit ($10)
  • Arduino ($20)
  • Battery (+holder) and voltage regulator ($10)
  • LEDs ($3)
  • Switch (for button) ($2)
  • Misc ($15)

Total: $70

Gantt Chart

Deko Gantt Chart.png
  • The Gantt chart provides a breakdown of resources as they are used throughout the course of the project. These include equipment as well as human capital.


Deko Timeline.png