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*AMPY Motion Powered Battery [[https://shop.getampy.com/ link]] -$40.00
*AMPY Motion Powered Battery [[https://shop.getampy.com/ link]] -$40.00
TOTAL: <$130.00
TOTAL: <$100.00
==Gantt Chart==
==Gantt Chart==

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For our engineering design project, we will be creating a motion powered battery. While there are some of these on the market with various designs, our motion powered battery will utilize the model of a shake flashlight. Ideally, we will be able to generate enough stored power to charge an electronic device (i.e. a phone) for a substantial amount of time.

Team Members

  • Katherine Laue
  • Steven Schlau
  • Henry Roberts
  • John Fordice(TA)
  • Denise Mell(Instructor)

Primary Goals

Secondary Goals



Materials Needed

  • PVC pipe - [link] -$2.00
  • Magnet wire [link] -$17.00
  • Neodymium magnet [link] -$15.00
  • Capacitor [link] -$15.00
  • Resistor [link] -$8.00
  • Electrical tape [link] -$2.50
  • Rechargeable battery [link] -$25.00
  • AMPY Motion Powered Battery [link] -$40.00

TOTAL: <$100.00

Gantt Chart