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We demonstrated a working LED in class today!
We demonstrated a working LED in class today!
[[File: /Users/moiramulholland/Desktop/IMG_2176.mov|right|600px|Preliminary testing. Here, we demonstrate a blinking LED light]]
[[File: -Users-moiramulholland-Desktop-IMG_2176.mov |right|600px|Preliminary testing. Here, we demonstrate a blinking LED light]]
[[Category:Spring 2018 Logs]]
[[Category:Spring 2018 Logs]]

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At the beginning of this week we met with our TA, John, and Professor Feher. The two of them helped us to further narrow down our project as far as form factors. Some ideas were thrown around considering making a locket versus a bracelet or wristband. In the middle of the week, our group met to choose exactly how we wanted to design our project. In this meeting, we drew a rough sketch of our project, which we decided would be a bracelet. We considered a necklace and have decided that will be a reach goal once we finish our bracelet. We looked at a variety of microprocessor options and hope to finalize our decision on Friday with John. We will 3D print our bracelet using TPU material, as it slightly flexible. This week we set both our initial goals and our reach goals, and we hope to have our project approved so that we can start ordering parts this upcoming week.

In the upcoming week we hope to finish our Gantt chart, finalize what parts we want, and order our parts. We foresee possible problems in choosing our batteries, LED lights, and microprocessor. We will solve this by sitting down and considering the amount of power the microprocessor and LED lights will use, and considering that when ordering.


We met with our TA, John, again today. We had already created a rough Gantt chart of what we plan to accomplish and when, but still have to assign each deadline to members of our group. We ordered the Tiny AVR Programmer (1), the ATtiny (3), and the battery (1) after calculating the theoretical power consumption of the ATtiny when it runs our intended program. Looking forward, it would be ideal if we could print the bracelet with two different materials. We will need to find a printer with this capability.

We plan to get familiarized with our items when they arrive so that we can demonstrate a working LED by next Friday. We also need to finish the project proposal and our official budget this week.

A possible issue we expect for the coming week or two is getting fully familiarized with our project parts.


At the beginning of our group meeting (no TA) we updated the Gantt chart to assign specific roles to each group member. We have essentially divided our project into three parts for each of us to be in charge of, for the most part. Those three parts are software (Anton), electronics (Moira), and hardware (Lauren). We also took measurements of two different types of birth control pills that are different sizes and will begin sketching our bracelet before we put it in Solidworks in the next two weeks. We want to print our bracelet in the urethane material and create cases out of PLA to sit in that material and hold each pill securely. We will hopefully be getting our materials delivered in the coming week and will be able to mess around with them and become familiar with them.

Our goal for this Friday is to have our budget proposal finalized, and for next Friday it is to have a working LED to demonstrate and finish our proposal powerpoint.


The ATtiny came in the mail along with the programmer and LED lights. Our group met in the lab and downloaded the software necessary to program the ATtiny. We set up a test code to run and see if we can blink the LED. We also drew a much more detailed sketch of what we want the bracelet to look like and what dimensions it needs to have. We will finalize those and put it in Solidworks when we decide how to wire all the electronics inside the bracelet.

Some concerns we have going forward are 3D printing this bracelet with electronics inside and packaging the LEDs into the walls of the bracelet. However, our main goal for this Friday is to have a working LED. We will continue to tinker with the ATtiny this week.


We demonstrated a working LED in class today!