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Project Overview


This project will create a way for users to always remember to take time-sensitive medication as well as have that medication readily available. A bracelet that holds a weekly supply of medication will alert the wearer at a certain time each day to take said medication. The problem we are tackling with this device is the issue with certain time sensitive medication, particularly birth control. In the case of birth control, perfect use (taken at same time each day) leads to more than 99% effective birth control, whereas imperfect use is only about 92% effective. This device will help the wearer to reach "perfect use" of their medication.

Link to weekly log

Group Members

  • Lauren Bhambri
  • Moira Mulholland
  • Anton Salem
  • John Fordice (TA)


A successful project would include:

  • 1. A Wearable bracelet (bangle) that slips on
    • wide enough to fit a hand through while being tight enough to stay on
    • printed using the 3D printer

2. A minimum of 7 compartments that fit most birth control pills

    • compartments are accessed through screw on caps

3. LED reminder every 24 hours

    • LED light goes off at the same time each day reminder wearer to take medication
    • able to turn off light when medication is taken

4.LED light indicating power supply of bracelet

    • lights up red when battery is low
  • Reach Goals:
    • motor to vibrate bracelet when timer for medication goes off
    • create water resistant bracelet


Challenges we foresee for this project include:

  • Finding a microprocessor that is the right balance between small, workable, and inexpensive
  • Programming the microprocessor and understanding the program needed
  • programming a 24 hour timer
  • Creating a bracelet design that will efficiently fit all pieces
  • 3D printing the bracelet so that we may insert our electronics in it
  • Finding a way to check battery level without using too much charge in the process
  • designing and printing screw on caps for each pill compartment
  • connecting battery, ATTiny, and LED lights properly with wires


Total= $31.16

Gantt Chart

Final gant chart.png