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Welcome to the ESE205 wiki webpage!

This is where you'll go to get any info about the class throughout the semester. This page will include an updated calendar and tutorials on how to use equipment. Start creating!

Description: A hands-on course where students, divided in groups of two or three, will creatively solve one problem throughout the semester using tools from electrical and systems engineering. The groups choose their own schedule and work under the supervision of an academic team consisting of faculty and higher-level students. The evaluation considers the completion of objectives set by the students with help of the academic team, as well as the originality, innovation, and impact of the project.

Spring 2016 General Information

Laboratory: Urbauer Hall 015. Take the north Urbauer stairs to the basement and turn right. Then go left. Bring your WUSTL keycard for access.

Syllabus: PDF

Milestones: See the syllabus for more details on the expectations for each milestone.

Date Milestone
Friday Jan. 29 by 5pm Group definitions and project title
Friday Feb. 12 by 5pm Project proposal
Feb. 29 - Mar. 4 First project evaluation
Apr. 4 - Apr. 8 Second project evaluation
Thursday Apr. 28 Demonstration and poster session
Friday May 6 by 5pm Final Report

New group checklist

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