Longboard Sensor Module

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Longboard Sensor Board

Danny Andreev and Sam Ragsdale


Our plan is to create a sensor board that can be strapped to a longboard or other vehicle. It will measure locations, altitude, and accelerations, relaying all this information to local storage. The stored information will be processed and mapped to give a ride “diagnostic” or an overview of the position, velocity, and acceleration overplayed onto a map of the path taken during the ride. This information can be stored on a server and accessed off a phone or computer.


A successful project constitutes a 3d printed case which contains a sensor module. This module can be turned on, and will record the trip. Then the module needs to be able to transfer the data to a computer of phone for further processing. The module should also be able to be charger via usb.


Danny will need to become more comfortable with the hardware interface of the Raspi and brush up his python skills. Sam … Since there will be a simple WIFI connection, and no hardware access, there are few attack vectors present on this device, save for physical destruction. Going underground or loosing gps will eliminate gps accuracy, but location can be extrapolated from the accelerometer for short breaks in gps. Minimal operational cost. No user safety concerns

Gantt Chart


Bill of Materials


Raspberry Pi Zero W - Raspi Amazon Link

GPS GPS Amazon Link

Accelerometer GPS Amazon Link