List of ideas in need of extra partners

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Add a section (e.g., using the following wiki code ==New amazing idea==) for each idea. For each idea you should, at least, write your name, contact email, and a short overview of your objectives.

New Partner Needed - Operation Research, Programming, and/or Financial Engineering

Are you interested in the intersection between engineering and business? Do you have passion for developing designs and quantitative models directly related to running a successful business? From mathematical modeling of equity prices and development of an algorithm to trade equity to conducting operation research and develop an tool to design logistical systems for a business, I have some ideas. Otherwise, I am pretty open to any new ideas. My name is Kevin, a sophomore with computer science and systems engineering major and a math minor. I am looking for a partner interested in business and/or finance related fields who also have a passion for programming. If you are interested please email me at .