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Team members

Kevin Kim, Hyunseok Choi, TA:William Luer

Project Overview

We are attempting to create a spinning LED display capable of displaying information on a cylindrical shape.


  • Design the spinning LED device capable of having a display on a cylindrical surface (final design may change but let’s start with an initial design)
  • Build the device so that wires don't get entangled while device is spinning, and the center of mass lies near the axis of rotation
  • Mount the device on a motor
  • Program the device to display a clock on the top and date on the side


  • Having a mechanical design that has a centered mass around the desired axis
  • Wires are not entangled while device is spinning
  • Wire connections do not break while device is spinning
  • Ensure that device spins at constant rate
  • Determine ideal rpm for device for visual display
  • Create an algorithm to control when each LED turns on and off during the display cycle
  • Mounting battery and Arduino on the spinning portion of the device
  • Mounting Frame unto the motor


  • Pack of 60x5 LED lights : $17.50 ($10.99 + shipping) - we will buy [1]
  • Mega Arduino: $0 - provided
  • Electrical Tape: $8.99 (w/out shipping fee) [2]
  • Insulated Copper Wires: $14.01 (w/out shipping) [3]
  • Electric Motor: $0 - provided
  • Hot glue: $0 - provided
  • Soldering Tools: $0 - provided
  • 3D Printing material and 3D Printer: $0 - provided
  • AA batteries: $12.68 [4]

Total: $53.18

Gantt Chart

Cylindrical Spinning LED Display Gantt Chart.pdf