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  • created first draft of the project proposal.
  • explored alternate project possibilities, including displaying just on a cylindrical surface, removing inner led display volume, and making the display scalable.
  • considered which components to use, settled on the stepper motor.
  • considered using individual LEDs or strip LEDs, and settled on individual LEDs to ensure LED can be individually controlled and visible from multiple angles.


  • switched LED to addressable LED strip due to limited number of ports on the arduino
  • tentatively decided on about 10 layers of LED
  • designed pole, arudino and battery layer, and first LED layer
  • 3d printed designed layers
  • modified project proposal
  • redesigned pole to be hollow so wires can be held inside the pole
  • redesigned layers with tolerance on connecting parts


  • ran test on the strip LED with Arduino mega, confirmed that each light can be controlled individually
  • determined that motor controller and separate arduino was required for motor, and added components to the budget
  • arduino battery layer failed to take into account the size of the ports on the arduino mega; fixed design and reprinted
  • 2nd LED layers printed


  • finalized budget: switch from AA to D batteries, switched to buying 3 led strips, removed wires and electrical tape from budget
  • tested motor, torque and rpm too low. Possible cause is 9v is too low.


  • got motor speed to around 10 Hz with 24v 2amp power source
  • wired led strips, mounted to frame, and powered Arduino Mega with 9v battery
  • programmed Arduino Mega to display semicircle on first layer at around 6Hz
  • printed base for the motor
  • added hall effect sensor and magnets to budget


  • Tested the Hall Effect Sensor for more accurate display time (at low speed and high speed)
  • Coded Arduino functions to display LED more accurately using the Hall Effect Sensor
  • Wired the second layer of the display
  • Discussed the work flow over the Spring Break