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Project Proposal

Group Members

Aidan Warren and Lawrence Chan

Project Overview

Right now, judges score gymnasts using pen and paper, and often have to employ assistants to enter scores for them. We would like to improve this process and to have a more efficient and better way of scoring gymnastics moves. We would build a machine using Raspberry Pi to input scores with buttons as well as employing a camera that would take photos of the comments written by the judges. Gymnasts now are unable to view feedback from judges and only receive the final score. Therefore, we would collect the information about the score distribution as well as the comments from the judges, and upload them to a webpage for gymnasts to view their scores and comments for each move in their routines.


  1. Design the circuitry and Raspberry Pi to input scores.
  2. Design and build a unit to house the computer and circuits.
  3. Create a feedback page for the gymnasts to see the scoring process and view their mistakes.


  • Learn how to use Raspberry Pi.
  • Learn how to code with Python.
  • Learn how circuits work and how to create them (for button/visual inputs and display/internet outputs).
  • Learn how to create a website.
  • Figure out how to 3D print the housing for the unit.
  • Learn how to create a database to store scoring information.


  1. $29.95 Raspberry Pi Camera -

Gantt Chart