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Project Overview

This semester, our project is to design a system that will allow a user to track basic tennis swing movements. Currently, there are are a few companies that provide this kind of tracking; however, the most established of them require that the player purchase a specific racket. Others are not as accurate or have a lot of reviews where the sensor flies off of the racket. What we hope to accomplish with this project is to have a detachable device that will be able to provide raw data from a 6-DOF IMU sensor attached to the racket, and have that data sent to a computer for processing. From this data, we hope to provide simple feedback, such as swing count, consistency, and swing speed.

For our project, we will be collecting data by using a combined accelerometer and gyroscope to track swing movements. By the end of the semester, we will be able to show data collected from a tennis racket being swung. As two former college tennis players, we will be able to look at the swing and provide some feedback on how to improve it.

Team Members

  • Ryan Gleue
  • Jonathan Ng
  • Kjartan Brownell (TA)

Project Objectives

  • Creating a detachable device that collects kinematic data on the swing of a tennis racket
  • Be able to extract raw data from the onboard IMU and send to a computer for processing
  • Use collected data to calculate swing speed
  • Reconstructing swing based on data collected from the IMU sensor
  • Use the data to be able to visualize/animate the user's swing

Project Challenges

  • Setting up an Arduino with proper modules
  • Being able to process data from the IMU to the computer in real time
  • Using kinematics and understanding of translational frames to interpret IMU data
  • Writing script in Matlab that will allow easy interpretation of raw data


  • Parts Purchased Online
    • Arduino Uno Rev3 ($24.95 + $8.15 shipping) Link
    • MPU6050 Module, Accelerometer and Gyroscope ($6.59) Link
    • Bluetooth Bluefruit EZ-Link Shield ($24.95 + $9.25 shipping) Link
    • Ribbon cable ($0.95 + $7.56 shipping) Link
    • Ohio Tech iPod Armband ($8.99) Link
  • Hardware Store Purchases
    • 9V Battery ($1.25)
    • 9V battery connector ($1.49)
      • Note: According to department sources, we will have access to ribbon cables and an Arduino Uno. However, they have been included in the budget for completeness.

Total: $94.13

Gantt Chart

Gantt Resources Get A Handle On Your Game.png

Gantt Tasks Get A Handle On Your Game.png

Pictures of our Device

Arduino and bluetooth shield connected to the 9V battery inside the armband

Arduino battery in armband.jpg

IMU inside the tennis handle

IMU in tennis handle.jpg

IMU connected to the Arduino inside the armband

IMU connected to arduino.jpg

Our entire tennis sensor device connected together

Entire device connected.jpg