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(Changed Gantt charts)
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Project Overview

This semester, our project is to design a system that will allow a user to track basic tennis swing movements. Currently, there are are a few companies that provide this kind of tracking; however, the most established of them require that the player purchase a specific racket. Others are not as accurate or have a lot of reviews where the sensor flies off of the racket. What we hope to accomplish with this project is to have a detachable device that will be able to provide raw data from a 6-DOF IMU sensor attached to the racket, and have that data sent to a computer for processing. From this data, we hope to provide simple feedback, such as swing count, consistency, and swing speed.

For our project, we will be collecting data by using a combined accelerometer and gyroscope to track swing movements. By the end of the semester, we will be able to show data collected from a tennis racket being swung. As two former college tennis players, we will be able to look at the swing and provide some feedback on how to improve it.

Team Members

  • Ryan Gleue
  • Jonathan Ng
  • Kjartan Brownell (TA)

Project Objectives

  • Creating a detachable device that collects kinematic data on the swing of a tennis racket
  • Be able to extract raw data from the onboard IMU and send to a computer for processing
  • Use collected data to calculate swing speed
  • Reconstructing swing based on data collected from the IMU sensor
  • Use the data to be able to visualize/animate the user's swing

Project Challenges

  • Setting up an Arduino with proper modules
  • Being able to process data from the IMU to the computer in real time
  • Using kinematics and understanding of translational frames to interpret IMU data
  • Writing script in Matlab that will allow easy interpretation of raw data


  • Parts Purchased Online
    • Arduino Uno Rev3 ($24.95 + $8.15 shipping) Link
    • MPU6050 Module, Accelerometer and Gyroscope ($6.59) Link
    • Bluetooth Bluefruit EZ-Link Shield ($24.95 + $9.25 shipping) Link
    • Ribbon cable ($0.95 + $7.56 shipping) Link
    • Ohio Tech iPod Armband ($8.99) Link
  • Hardware Store Purchases
    • 9V Battery ($1.25)
    • 9V battery connector ($1.49)
      • Note: According to department sources, we will have access to ribbon cables and an Arduino Uno. However, they have been included in the budget for completeness.

Total: $94.13

Gantt Chart

Gantt Resources Get A Handle On Your Game.png

Gantt Tasks Get A Handle On Your Game.png