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Week 2 (9/15/17)

  • Had group issues
  • met with jim

Week 3(9/22/17)

  • Decided on project
  • Met with Jim and Natalie

Week 4 (9/29/17)

This week we researched methods of implementing our idea as well as coming up with a first draft of our design. Our design uses a solenoid valve to dispense water and an auger/step motor to dispense our gatorade powder. We plan to have a LCD interface in order for a person to input the amount of drink they desire. In our research we found explanations for linking solenoid valves and an auger to an Arduino so we now feel much more comfortable with the direction of project. Knowing are design has allowed us to have a better idea of the parts we will need and there prices. Therefore we updated our budget and have a good idea as to what is necessary. We spent about 5 hours working together on Saturday. We both also did research outside of this time. We plan to ask for help this week on choosing our loading cell/scale.

  • I also spent time trying to finalize the gantt chart so it can be up to date and ready to go (fazeela)

Initial design.jpg

  • update Gantt Chart (will post)
  • research with Jacob
  • finalize budget
  • Arduino demo below:

Week 5 (10/6/17)

  • Why need diode, ohm resistor- selenoid valve

[- selenoid valve]

  • presentation

File:Gatorade maker presentation.pdf

Week 6 (10/13/17)

This week we changed which 5 kg Load Cell we plan to use due to finding a load cell with superior precision. Our original had precision of .05% FS while our new load cell has precision of .005% FS. The difference between these precisions in a 5 kg load cell is 2.5 grams and .25 grams of precision. 1 tablespoon of the gatorade powder we use weighs 1 gram so the more precise cell will definitely give us more control over our system.

Our TA Natalie recommended that we control our stepper motor with a motor shield as opposed to our planned method of using a stepper driver. Our budget changed to reflect this.

We found tutorials for the following: connecting and coding our stepper motor, connecting and coding our solenoid valve, and building and coding our scale.

This week we met for 4 hours friday and and researched apart for a few hours as well.

Week 7 (10/20/17)

  • we were assigned to do an Arduino tutorial for light up an LED light using a button. We both spent 5 hours on this
  • Light up LED with one button

  • Light up LED with two buttons

  • Light up LED using 3rd task

Week 8 (10/27/17)

  • Jacob and I met on Friday for 5 hours he needed to work on the load cell so I decided to take on the solenoid valve. We continued to work on that but realized that some of the parts for the solenoid valve were missing. So we went to go buy them towards the end.
  • I worked on the solenoid valve for 2 hours on Tuesday trying to set it up I am still working on the code part. By the end of Wednesday, I hope to have that valve working. (Fazeela).
  • I have set up the preliminary valve code for the solenoid valve (Fazeela)
  • Set up load cell but having trouble with calibration (Jacob 2 hours)

Week 9 (11/10/17)

  • Initially had trouble with Load Cell code due to needing to upload a library to Arduino. We ended up finding a tutorial and getting weight data from load cell (Jacob 5 hours)
  • Unfortunately load cell broke while being moved but we've ordered another thats supposed to come in Wednesday
  • Jacob and I will work on the Auger today after the meeting.
  • We are going to meet up on Friday to set up the tank and the valve.
  • We worked Monday from 3-6:00pm trying to figure out a good connection for the tank and the valve
  • We worked tuesday from 6-8:30pm testing to see if the valve works, we encounterd problems because the valve was leaking a little even though the arduino was not attached.
  • Wednesday Fazeela( 1- 7:30pm) Jacob ( ) we are trying to figure out the 3D model for our auger.

Week 10 (11/24/17)

  • I spent 10 hours trying to figure out the solenoid valve this week, I did figure it out how to operate it however when I met with Jacob, we realized that

we cannot fulfill the 3PSI pressure requirement so we ordered a new valve I know how the circuit works and I have the preliminary code already coded so it should not be too difficult to figure out how to set up the solenoid valve.(Fazeela)

  • Spent 12 hours working on the auger this week, got it done and is sent to Natalie(Jacob)
  • We both met up and decided on what the box should look like for this project for 3 hours and we drew a box design, so eventually, we can go buy wood. (3 hours).