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Have you ever tried a Gatorade mix and you end up with not enough powder or too much? The solution to this would be "The Gatorade Maker". This project aims at creating a system that pours powder and water to make a Gatorade mix. The user will choose from 3 preset options. These options are sweet, Gatorade recommended, and mild. Also, 3 preset amounts of Gatorade. The system will dispense the powder and water in an appropriate amount in the glass. This will allow you to be worry-free about the accuracy of the water and powder you will have in your drink.

""Weekly log""

Team Members

  • Fazeela Kazmi
  • Jacob Pinter
  • Natalie Ng (TA)


  • A successful project would allow the system to accurately dispense the powder and water in a glass, in an amount needed for the mix the user chooses off a menu.


  • learning to code with Arduino
  • How to dispense ingredients cleanly/neatly/accurately
  • The building of the dispenser
  • Keeping up with the schedule

Gantt Chart

J&f2 gantt chart.jpg




  • Total: $148.72

Design and Solutions

  • Designed 3D auger, a Lid to fit on top of funnel for T-PVC pipe, this was also 3D designed and printed.
  • The solution was so that we could get an accurate amount of water and powder into a cup based on weight.
  • The Design used a Load cell, Stepper motor connected with auger, Selenoid valve connected with Tank. This entire system turns on when button is pushed.
  • Designed and bulit a box that could work with out system.