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Have you ever tried a Gatorade mix and you end up with not enough powder or too much? The solution to this would be "The Gatorade Maker". This project aims at creating a system that pours powder and water to make a Gatorade mix. The user will press a button and the appropriate amount of water and powder will be released in a cup. This will allow you to be worry-free about the accuracy of the water and powder you will have in your drink.

""Weekly log""

Team Members

  • Fazeela Kazmi
  • Jacob Pinter
  • Natalie Ng (TA)


  • A successful project would allow the system to accurately dispense the powder and water in a glass with a press of a button.


  • learning to code with Arduino
  • How to dispense ingredients cleanly/neatly/accurately
  • The building of the dispenser
  • Keeping up with the schedule

Gantt Chart

Gatorade Gant Chart2017-12-11 at 4.49.13 PM.png




  • Total: $148.72

Design and Solutions

Stepper Motor

  • Stepper motor was used to dispense Gatorade powder into the cup.
  • We used the Arduino motor shield to help implement the rotation of the motor.
  • We had to 3D print an auger to slowly dispense the powder while the motor rotates.

Solenoid Valve

  • Solenoid valve is used to dispense water.
  • We had to find a valve that would dispense with very low pressure so that it could open up and dispense liquid.
  • We had to find tubing so that the water could flow in the direction that it was needed to flow in.
  • We had to make sure the valve did not have much leakage.
  • We had to figure out how to open/close the solenoid valve. // how to control open/close solenoid valve

Load Cell

  • Our goal was to make an accurate scale using a Load Cell
  • We built scale by putting load cell between to pieces of wood and then calibrated using this tutorial
  • Load Cell is able to measure how much powder and water has been dispensed
  • Load Cell tells valve and auger when to turn on and when to turn off
  • Scale was accurate within a tenth of a gram


  • Designing/3D printing the Auger to perfectly fit into the T-PVC pipe.
  • Found Solenoid valve capable of functioning at low pressure.
  • Found tutorials with baseline code related to our three parts and then was able to implement them together.
  • Soldered wires together to ensure a stable connection.
  • The Design used a Load cell, Auger attached to a Stepper Motor, Selenoid valve connected with Tank. This entire system turns on when a button is pushed.
  • Designed and built a box that could work with the system.


File:Gatorade Maker Code .pdf

3D designed parts 

Finished Product