Full Bridge Rectifier Assembly

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Materials Needed

  • Diode x4
  • Breadboard
  • Soldering Equipment
  • Insulated wire (at least 3 distinct colors recommended)

Purpose and use
A full bridge rectifier converts alternating current to direct current. This is useful and necessary if you are trying to utilize power generated by an alternator or even from the power-grid.


  1. You will be soldering the diodes to the breadboard according the the following circuit diagram.
  2. As you already know, diodes only allow current to flow in one direction. The diagram represents the directional current by the direction the arrows point. In person, the diodes will have a black stripe closer to one of the ends, this is the direction which current will flow.
  3. Solder the diodes into the breadboard as shown in the diagram.
  4. Solder a white wire into the D4-D1 junction and the D3-D2 junction. This will be where the alternating current is put into the rectifier.
  5. Solder a red wire into the D1-D3 junction, this will be the output of positive direct current.
  6. solder a black wire into the D4-D2 junction. this will be the negative end of the direct current output.
Completed perf.jpg