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Week of January 29: The team spent a few hours brainstorming ideas for the idea FootFrame - a project that will detect forces applied by each foot when squatting or jumping onto two force sensitive resistors, one for each foot. Our idea was then to take this data into arduino, and use arduino to calculate and display the difference in these forces to detect an imbalance. This idea stemmed from our interest in the medical health field, as we thought detecting an imbalance in someone's standing posture could help determine whether it's necessary to fix the imbalance. Following this, researched load cells and the circuitry necessary to complete this project, along the way we found the items we would need to buy, which allowed us to work to complete our project proposal for FootFrame.

Week of February 5: The team reviewed their project proposal and adjusted it to fit with the improvements suggested by Humberto's corrections. There was discussion with friendly TA, Will Luer, about the physical design of the project and its sensors. The group began its initial tasks as outlined by the Gantt Chart, including learning C, designing circuitry, and researching load cells. Already, there are some concerns about the material that will be used to focus the force onto the sensors. Also, the group considered ways to filter data from the sensors, specifically using a rolling average filter to average out a certain time's worth of data, as well as some basic ideas for the algorithm that will be used to compute the data. Next steps include researching deeply into load cells and which will be purchased, as well as the beginnings of learning C.