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BD App Weekly Log:

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Week 1: August 31-September 7

  • 1 hour preliminary meeting to discuss project ideas [Garrett and Stephen]

Week 2: September 8-14

  • 1 hour group meeting to confirm the final structure of the project idea [Garrett and Stephen]
  • 1 hour meeting with Ethan and Prof. Feher to discuss ways to go about actually doing the project [Garrett and Stephen]
  • 30 minute meeting with Ethan and Prof. Feher discussing our replacement to the night light project [Garrett and Stephen]
    • Replacement project is creating a basic calculator that accesses a basic database
    • Planned to use Node.js instead of python or some other language in the project
    • Discussed possibility of taking project further than planned (coding in the entire stir fry ticket selections, working with B-School to actually implement the app) [Garrett and Stephen]

Week 3: September 15-21

  • 2 hour group work session
    • Updated/Created weekly log [Stephen]
    • Worked on project proposal [Garrett and Stephen]
    • Signed up for AWS, created a team repository on Bitbucket, ran into trouble figuring out the set-up regarding coding and creating a database [Garrett and Stephen]
  • 1 hour meeting with Ethan [Garret and Stephen]
    • Ethan provided many needed specifics regarding setting up a server, creating a database, and creating the UI and EI (employee interface)
    • Went over Gantt chart tasks
  • 1 hour market validation survey in BD [Garret]
  • 2 hour group work session
    • Created presentation slides, updated project wiki objectives [Garret]
    • Formatted project log/wiki, Re-did/finalized Gantt Chart [Stephen]

Week 4: September 22-28

  • Weekly plan: finish basic calculator project in lieu of night light
    • Creating a database, server, UI
  • (Sunday) 1.5 hours of watching Node.js tutorial videos on YouTube via youtuber "The Net Ninja" [Stephen]
    • Learned about using Atom and Node.js, functions, express functions, creating a local server, and monitoring requests to that server
  • (Monday) 1 hour of watching Node.js and MySQL tutorials [Stephen]
    • Installed packages, attempted to create MySQL database
  • (Tuesday) 2.5 hour group work session [Garrett and Stephen]
    • Watched videos, researched code in attempts to create a database and commit files to bitbucket
    • Struggled most of the time, still unable to create a MySQL database successfully, commit files to bitbucket, or make much progress at all
  • (Wednesday) 1 hour meeting with Ethan [Garrett and Stephen]
    • Set up repository, database, talked about basic calculator project, set up BitBucket
Running Calculator in browser as a file
  • (Wednesday) .5 hours spent creating step-by-step tutorial following our steps [Garrett]
  • (Wednesday) 1 hour spent coding basic calculator (side project) html/javascript file [Stephen]
    • Attempted to run through localhost and file://localhost without success, attempted to run javascript file through an html index without success
  • (Thursday) 3 hour group work session [Garrett and Stephen]
    • Polished up calculator UI, researched how to run the javascript file through a server
    • Successfully ran the calculator file in chrome
Running Calculator in browser as a file
    • Shortly after was able to set up an http server with the http-server package in node
Running Calculator through http server

Week 5: September 29-October 5

  • Weekly Plan
    • Start thinking about wireframes and UI formatting
    • Start working on database schema in addition to the formatting, they will be closely related
  • (Tuesday) 1 hour: learned about using MySQL workbench, formatting schema, and created a database table [Stephen]
  • (Tuesday) 2 hours: created a list of necessary user inputs, created wire-frame for customer-facing UI [Garrett]
  • (Tuesday) 2 hours: team met to discuss progress, share data, and make goals for the next meeting [Stephen and Garrett]

Week 6: October 6-October 12

  • (Tuesday) .5 hour: watched workshops on SQL and html development
  • (Thursday) 1 hour: met with Ethan to discuss process and future goals, linked our workbenches through the RDS [Garrett]

Week 7: October 13-October 19

  • (Sunday) 1 hour: watch HTML tutorial and practice with Mimo [Garrett]
  • (Monday) 1 hour: practice CSS with Mimo and begin coding the home page [Garrett]

Week 8: October 20-October 26

  • (Saturday) 5 hours: work on website home-page format and linking database queries [Garrett and Stephen]
  • (Saturday) .5 hours: problem-solved with Ethan, asking questions, and familiarizing ourselves with our programs [Garrett and Stephen]
  • (Tuesday) 1 hour: read about different database queries, creating a javascript class, began coding methods for sending UI entries to the DB table [Stephen]
  • (Wednesday) 30 mins: cleaned up code from last night, decided on SMS service (twilio) [Stephen]

Weed 9: October 27-November 2

  • (Sunday) 2.5 hours: got the Order object class to function with a sendOrder() method, successfully queried DB with different entries,

hitting some roadblocks on other back-send stuff like pulling orders [Stephen]

  • (Sunday) 5 hours: worked on Home page and finished Customer UI Wire map, hitting road blocks trying to deconstruct bootstrap css [Garrett]
Customer UI Wiremap
  • (Monday) 1 hour: worked on using an SMS service, got it working properly as an Order object method, and altered the Order object to contain a phone number as a parameter, and the main table to contain a phone number as a column [Stephen]
SMS Working
  • (Monday) 7 hours: Constructing Customer User Interface, having trouble with aesthetics when browser size changes [Garrett]
  • (Tuesday) 7 hours: Constructing Customer User Interface and created BD Worker UI [Garrett]
  • (Tuesday) 2 hours: spent time working on routes and changing the main table, ran into some issues that I couldn't get around, but made a little progress making a couple routes and improving the waittime route [Stephen]
  • (Wednesday) 2 hours: Continuing work on UI and Creating BD UI Wiremap [Garrett}

BD Worker Wiremap

  • (Wednesday) 2 hours: created accounts table in DB, created Account object and methods, continued to work on routes [Stephen]
  • (Thursday) 1.5 hours: worked more on routes regarding accounts [Stephen]

Week 10: November 3-November 10

  • (Sunday) 4 hours: continued working on routes, most of them are completed and work properly, still a couple that need to be finished/talked over with Ethan to make sure everything is correct [Stephen]
  • (Sunday) 4 hours: Continued work on Customer facing UI [Garrett]
  • (Monday) 1 hour: altered the accounts DB to contain a phone_number column, then created a /ResetPassword route using the SMS service and a randomly generated 4-digit number as a way to confirm the account...all of the routes on the wireframe are now completed [Stephen Richardson]
  • (Monday) 7 hours: Finished customer facing UI [Garrett]
  • (Wednesday) 2 hours: Tried to learn how to create json that will call Stephen's Post and Get routes [Garrett]
  • (Friday) 2 hours: Completed the Worker facing UI, it is on a separate 'site', really its just a different /Workers [Garrett]

Week 11: November 11-November 18

  • (Sunday) 1 hour: Worked with Ethan to learn how to write calls [Garrett]