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== '''Final Project Proposal: Easy Stir Fry (ESF)''' ==
== '''Final Project Proposal: Easy Stir Fry (ESF)''' ==
=====[[BD_App_Weekly_Log|Weekly Log]]=====
=====[[BD_App_Weekly_Log|Weekly Log]]=====
[https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1jEGhrIhWo3MhByL7419vfQp73ZsBMavxdaKPDCOeLTM/edit?usp=sharing Proposal Presentation]
=====[https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1jEGhrIhWo3MhByL7419vfQp73ZsBMavxdaKPDCOeLTM/edit?usp=sharing Proposal Presentation]=====
== Project Overview ==
== Project Overview ==

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Final Project Proposal: Easy Stir Fry (ESF)

Weekly Log
Proposal Presentation

Project Overview

Easy Stir Fry, or ESF for short, is an academic project for a course labeled ESE 205. Given the open-ended task to build something, really anything applying software, mechanical, or electrical skill, our tetam (Stephen & Garrett) decided to create an online platform for ordering Stir Fry from Bear's Den. The User Interface gives our users the opportunity to check current wait times, place an order online, and receive live updates about when the order will be ready. Our unique value comes by way of User Profiles, enabling ESF members to save their favorite dish and place the order in half-the-time.

Why choose this project?

The lines in Bear's Den are getting worse as incoming classes grow in size. WashU studetns are standing outside the Stir Fry area, waiting for 15, 20, sometimes even more than 25 minutes for their meal! We are all incredibly busy people, so why waste time standing around waiting for food?

Easy Stir Fry will allow users to monitor current wait times and be notified when their order is ready-to-go! Say goodbye to the guessing game that is finding out when your order is ready. Say goodbye to the several trips to and from your BD table, or even suite. It is our mission at ESF to make ordering a painless, even enjoyable process.

Team Members

  • Stephen Richardson [Student]
  • Garrett Passamonti [Student]
  • Ethan Shry [TA]
  • Jim Feher [Professor]


Overall: Build a online application to decongest Bear's Den during peak meal hours and make the dining experience more enjoyable for both students and employees.

  • Develop two sets of online consumer facing applications using Javascript and HTML
  • Create a database using MySQL Workbench to provide a repository for data such as Order ID, current wait time, profile data, and more
  • Using Express Node.js, create a modifiable interface(server) between our database and UIs
    • Student facing: Projected wait time, ption to place order online, customizable user profile
    • Cook Facing: Order ID input space, two lists of orders (online and live), option to either cancel or finish the order
  • Obtain raw data on average Stir Fry wait times during different hours of operation and using this to create a function for projecting wait time
    • [Reach] This type of modeling might be a stretch, but we hope to offer this capability
    • Use current number of orders along with prior data to project wait times for users
  • Allow users to order Stir Fry online
  • Notify users when their order is ready via text
  • Prove concept through prototyping at Bear's Den with a random assortment of students using diverse web browsers
    • Requires contacting dining services and providing an interface for BD workers to use
  • Pitch to WashU Bon Apetit and Dining Services, displaying proof-of-concept results and providing an implementation plan to see if this project may be put to real use
  • [Reach] Apply concept to other stations, the Grill will be our first target
  • [Reach] Notify users when their order has been processed and is being made, similar to say, Dominoes
    • Through this service, provide information on when order is processed and project pick-up time


  1. Neither students know any languages involved in coding this project and will have to learn before engaging in mapping and beginning to develop the application.
  2. Neither student understands the concept mapping behind creating a database or server and how they link to a consumer facing interface.
  3. It will be hard to sell Dining Services on our idea, especially with limited background merits in coding. Once the system is finalized, it may be easier to approach BD and ask to test ESF's viability day-to-day.
  4. Will take some ingenuity to gather data regarding wait time estimates for the Stir Fry station and create some form of equation or algorithm to predict an accurate wait time
  5. Getting users to adopt ESF and use it regularly when ordering Stir Fry, the application will have to be well-marketed to students frequenting BD.
  6. Acclimating the Stir Fry staff to use ESF day-to-day.

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart


  1. Server Space: $10
  2. Twilio SMS Service: $20
  3. Domain Purchase through AWS (1yr): $12

Total Cost = $42