ESE Reimbursement Process

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General Rules

Each team can choose to reimburse for the devices and services budgeted in their proposal, up to $150.

All reimbursed devices become University property, and therefore must be returned to the lab. In other words, you can only reimburse the cost of the devices that you do not want to keep.


The following requirements must be satisfied to apply for reimbursement:

  1. Your proposal must include an approved budget, as explained in the Project proposal guidelines.
  2. You must send your TA a spreadsheet listing all the reimbursed devices. The spreadsheet must include the following columns:
    • item name
    • purchase date
    • serial number (if available)
    • short description
    • list of detachable parts (if available)
    • URL link to provider
    • URL link to manual or datasheet (if available)
  3. You must be in possession of the original invoices or receipts for each of the devices or services.
  4. You must write a justification document including:
    • the course (i.e. ESE205).
    • group members.
    • a list of the items purchased with their prices and providers.
    • a short explanation (maximum one paragraph) why you purchased the devices or services (e.g., part of a ESE205 project, fundamental to have successful demo, etc.).

Once you have satisfied all the requirements, Humberto must physically sign the justification document. Then, you must bring the justification document together with all the invoices or receipts to Elaine Murray (Green Hall 1101).