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eBOX Project Page


August 26 to September 1


  • (1hr) Discussed the very basic idea of the project at the first class August 31.

September 2 to September 8


  • (0.5hr) September 6: Learned the basics of using Wiki. Created the Project Page and Log.


  • (1hr) September 7: Team meeting to discuss the project further in depth and to ensure all the team members truly understood the project. Additionally, read up on the night light project to prepare for class, and checked swipe access to the lab, Urbauer 015.

September 9 to September 15


  • (1hr) September 11: Extra weekly meeting in the lab. Will look into Arduino vs Raspberry Pi, feasibility of Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) @40kHz on each, and current literature similar to eBOX (WUSTL Move to the Groove: https://sites.wustl.edu/ese498vertigodancefloor/). Additionally, completed the breadboard for the night light and stored it for safe keeping in the locker.
  • (0.5hr) September 14: Traditional weekly meeting in the lab. Told to update log and project page to include better format and information (reference links/research). Getting an Arduino from Tony and by next Friday will attempt to make LED blink from Arduino and import an appropriate LED library for practice.


  • (0.25hr) September 12: Added to and reformatted the log to be headed by dates.
  • (0.25hr) September 12: Read up on Ardunios and Raspberry Pis and their feasibility of FFT @40KHz with an analog to digital converter as well as WUSTL Move to the Groove.


  • (0.33hr/20min) September 13: Researched Arduino and Pi to compare and decide which would be better to use for project implementation. Leaning towards Arduino.
  • (0.5hr/30min) September 14: Researched other implementations of music responsive LED's for inspiration and to reinforce learnings towards Arduino.

September 16 to September 22


  • (0.5hrs) September 21: Rehearsed group presentation.


  • (1hr/60min) September 16: arduino prep course online (youtube)
  • (2hr/120min) September 18: Finished presentation powerpoint, made gant chart, researched additional cost of necessary materials (LED's, arduino microphone shield, tables ect...), assigned initial circuitry research to Jordan. Assigned gant chart and budget supplement wiki posting to chanel.
  • (1hr/60min) September 19: arduino prep course online (youtube)
  • (2hr/120min) September 22: Made arduino single led light blink, varied time patterns. Wrote code. Conducted research for table construction and LED integration into furniture pieces. Wrote code that needs to be tested for LED strips when strips come in the mail and circuitry is available.


  • (2hrs) September 20: Researched the basics of Arduino, and c (structure, syntax, methods, etc...) (relevant links in Project References)
  • (1hr) September 21: Researched Arduino circuitry and code to make LEDs on Breadboard blink (relevant links in project references, basics of circuit in Project Electronics). Need to add transistors in series in order to be able to modulate light intensity (not currently picture in Project Electronics).
  • (1hr) September 21: Onshape account and tutorial.
  • (0.5hrs) September 21: edited and rehearsed class presentation.

September 23 to September 29

(3hr/180min): soldering, perfboard diagrams, case rendering tutorials (night light is now attached to a perfboard) Nish
(3hr/180min): soldering, perfboard diagrams, case rendering tutorials (night light is now attached to a perfboard) Next Week

  • Need to actually construct a circuit with an Arduino and make LEDs dance. So far has all been theoretical, haven't had the proper cords. But confident that once we do, this should be very quick and easy.
  • Need to learn how to solder to finish up night light and then CAD its case.
  • Need to decide on what parts we need to order for circuit: analog to digital converter, amplifier, etc...; Sketch theoretical design

eBOX Project Page: https://classes.engineering.wustl.edu/ese205/core/index.php?title=EBOX#Link_to_Log