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===Link to Log===
===Link to Log===
eBOX Log [[eBOX_Log|https://classes.engineering.wustl.edu/ese205/core/index.php?title=EBOX_Log]]
=== Objectives ===
=== Objectives ===

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Project Proposal


Tired of the monochromatic lighting of everyday life? Wish that your table would be a visual representation of how you feel Taylor Swift drops a new album and you conduct an impromptu dance party in the safety of your own home? Never fear EBOX is here! EBOX is your newest dorm friend. This coffee table with integrated music responsive LED lights is designed to make your life just a bit more achromatic and diversify your lighting options.

Group Members

  • Jordan Gewirtz
  • Channel Lynn
  • Nish Chakraburtty
  • Tony Sancho-Spore
  • Dr. James Feher

Link to Log



  • Use an Arduino to implement a Fast Fourier Transform(FFT)
  • Integrate the FFT through the Arduino with our LED lights
  • Make the LED lights respond music with a specific, non-random color scheme
  • Have the Light intensity change with the decibel level of the music


  • learn Arduino
  • Sautering
  • learn complex circuitry
  • carpentry
  • writing the code and interfacing the Arduino with the LEDs and Sound receptor
  • Learn to not short our entire project
  • Learn how to use transistors
  • Make sure nothing blows up

Gantt Chart


Design And Solutions

The Housing

The Electronics




External Links


eBOX Log https://classes.engineering.wustl.edu/ese205/core/index.php?title=EBOX_Log