Cycle Charger Weekly Log

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1/22/18 - 1/28/18

Brainstormed project ideas as a group. Decided on creating a portable charging stick that is charged by riding one's bike around.

1/29/18 - 2/4/18

As a group we decided to do independent research and material gathering this week. Each member was researching certain aspects and taking note of the things needed to complete our project. We researched how to generate electricity from a moving wheel in different ways.

Kyle- I researched how to generate electricity through the use of a dynamo attached to the front wheel of the bike. It seems to be the best way to add it. I also created the project page and weekly log.

Kaylynn- 1.5 hours 2/4/18

        Located necessary material (bike) at house. Currently acquiring truck for transportation to campus. 
        Research: brainstorming videos.
         (without use of magnets)
         (using light generator)
         (demo of using wind as energy source)
         (magnet-less example)

1/5/18 - 2/11/18

Kyle- Finalized the project proposal. Finished researching, and decided on our general process to complete this project. I finished the first budget draft and worked with Nathan to complete the other portions of the project proposal.

2/12/18 - 2/18/18

Nathan and Kyle - Spent time in Lopata 208 experimenting with the generators and researching coil orientations.

Group- Took a field trip to the local hardware store on 2/16/18. Bought multiple different sizes of PVC pipe.

Nathan- Researched the likely voltage output and how to properly store energy without accidentally turning the alternator into a motor.

2/19/18 - 2/25/18

Kaylynn and Kyle - Finalized a project presentation in PowerPoint for class presentations on Friday 2/23.
Kyle - Experimented with the generators in 208 lab for 2 hours on Sunday

2/26/18 - 3/4/18

Group- Experimented with capacitors by simulating a bike wheel's rotation with a crank powered generator. Also measured parts for fitting and located power tools for construction next week. 2 hours.

Nathan- Worked in lab on sizing of components and spoke with shop about use of power tools. 1.5 hours

Kaylynn- Measured and cut iron core needed for motor. 1 hour

3/5/18 - 3/11/18

Received rectifier and portable charger in mail. Received copper wire in mail.

Kaylynn- Conducted final research concerning orientation of magnets. Ready for placement on axle (3D printing piece may be required).

Kyle- Measured all components so as to begin working on the design of the 3D printed part.

3/12/18 - 3/18/18

Spring Break.

3/19/18 - 3/25/18

Kaylynn and Nathan 3/21 - Measured all casing components to exact sizes. Found machine shop boy in upstairs lab and cut PVC pipe and axle rod to appropriate sizes. Fit iron frame to PVC pipe casing and coiled copper wire around inside frame. Connected ends of copper wire to voltmeter to measure generated current. Basically spun magnets on a stick above our coiled wire and observed a fair amount of alternating current. Also researched how to wire our rectifier. 2.5 hours

lab progress

Kaylynn and Nathan 3/22 - Decided to redesign iron component. Drilled hole in iron frame and started re-wrapping wire. Experimented with rectifiers and realized the ones purchased required too much current. Started building our own rectifier. 2.5 hours

Kaylynn 3/23 - Finished wrapping wire around iron frame and experimented with magnets. Saw more generated current than before due to increased number of wire coils. 1.5 hours

Kyle - Designed two different 3D printed parts to accomplish the same task (I made two different ones because I didn't know which would work best and wanted the TA's opinion). The overall design of both parts took about 4 hours

3/26/18 - 4/1/18

Group- Had meeting talk with Professor Mell and discussed possible problems to anticipate with final steps of project. Researched the possibility of using a transformer to step up power going into portable battery.

Nathan- built rectifier [insert photo and description].

Kyle- Completed 3D design of the part to hold magnets onto axle and proceeded to print [insert photo/description].

Project Page

Link to Project Page