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[[File:Crutooth poster.JPG]]
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== References ==
== References ==

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Project Overview

Rowing, often referred to as Crew, is a sport in which a team of people (typically 8,4, or 2 rowers) are tasked with propelling their boat through the water as fast as they can. To do so, this group of people must simultaneously pull their oars through the water, thus moving the boat. To help facilitate this movement, each crew boat has a coxswain: a ninth person with the directive of steering the boat and giving commands to the rowers. An integral part of being a coxswain is being heard and understood by their rowers. To help the rowers hear their coxswain, there is a chain of water-proof speakers lining the underside of the boat. These speakers are connected to a small, watertight, computer that the coxswain talks into and gathers their information from. This computer, a CoxBox, is a deeply flawed piece of hardware. Due to the rigorous movement of the boat, the wiring system that holds all the various speakers and sensors in the boat often comes undone or is corroded by the water that inevitably gets into the boat. To fix this, CruTooth aims to wirelessly connect all the speakers and sensors in the boat, not only saving the crew team weight but also increasing the reliability of their tools.

Initial Presentation

Repository for Project Files

Weekly Log

Crutooth Weekly Log

Team Members

Sam Manyak
Pavan Narahari
TA: Chance Bayles
Instructor: Prof. Jim Feher


  1. Create a wireless speaker network consisting of at least 2 connected speakers
  2. Create waterproof and buoyant housing for all components
  3. Include an aux. input so as to broadcast other audio throughout the wireless speaker network
  4. Add a wireless network of gyroscopes to tell the rate at which the rowers are taking strokes
  5. Make all relevant information display to a simple LED display


  1. Learning Raspberry Pi
  2. Connect Pi to multiple bluetooth speakers
  3. Stream microphone audio to speakers in real time

Gantt Chart

Gantt updated.JPG

Gantt Chart


  • Total: $185.39



alt text


Adafruit USB Adapter Setup
Bluetooth Speaker Setup
2.8" LCD Screen Tutorial
Audio Input
PyAudio Class Documentation