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9/10/18 --> 9/16/18

1) Worked in the Urbauer lab on the night light (1.5 hours)
1.1) Created a CAD file of the night light box (1 hour)
1.2) Worked on the wiring of the box (30 minutes)

1) Worked in the Urbauer lab on the night light (1.5 hours)
1.1) Created a CAD file of the night light box (1 hour)
1.2) Worked on the wiring of the box (30 minutes)

Sam & Pavan
1) Came up with project idea (1 hour)
2) Wrote and edited Project Proposal (1.5 hours)

9/17/18 --> 9/23/18

1) Researched hardware related components (2hr)
2) Created project overview presentation for class (1.5 hr)

1) Researched software related components (4hr)
2) Edited project overview presentation for class (.75 hr)
Sam & Pavan
1) Met with Chance (TA) and Professor Feher (1 hour)
2) Finished up Project Proposal (1.5 hour)

Goals for next Week

  • Order Parts
  • Learn about Raspberry Pi and potentially conduct 'Hello World' type project
  • Research
  • Finish night light

9/24/18 --> 9/30/18

1) Worked on soldering the night light (.5 hr)
2) Finished compiling supply list (1 hr)

1) Worked on wiki: Gantt Chart and budget links (.5 hr)
2) Researched about RF modules potential for project (.5 hr)
3) Booted up Pi and set up SSH (2 hr)
4) Ordered Parts (.25 hr)

Sam & Pavan

1) Met to discuss software progress (1.5hr)
2) Finished night light: soldering and box assembly (1.5 hr)
Goals for next week

  • Start speaker assembly
  • Learn more about Pi and python packages for project
  • Work on audio input to Pi
  • Investigate Pi 0

Night Light

  • Link to files (box and circuit diagram)

Night Light Sam Pavan.JPG

10/1/18 --> 10/7/18

1) Went to Microcenter to buy parts (2.5 hr)
2) Started assembling speaker units (1hr)
1) Researched python packages needed for project (1 hr)
2) Attempted to fix Pi emailing IP (1 hr)
Sam & Pavan

  • Met to discuss progress (1.5 hr)
  • Went over new materials(.5 hr)

10/8/18 --> 10/14/18


  • Started to build speakers as per Link (2 hrs)
  • 1st speaker built and functioning though there is static problem (3hrs)
  • Started soldering parts together (.5hrs)
  • Created battery charging system for speaker 1 (.5 hrs)


  • Worked on reading input to Pi and installing python packages needed for project (2 hrs)
  • Worked on making usb audio converter default device on pi and sound tests (2 hrs)
  • Worked on microphone input, but have not been successful yet (1 hr)

Sam & Pavan

  • Got audio to stream from Pi to 1st speaker (2hr)

The Bluetooth transmitter is currently transmitting audio to one of the speakers, we have yet to send audio to two speakers simultaneously. Additionally, the speakers have quite a bit of static and need audio quality improvement.
Project Diagram
Project diagram.jpg

10/15/18 --> 10/21/18


  • Added STL files to Wiki and added circuit diagram for night light (.5 hrs)
  • Created files for speaker housing (3hrs)
  • Submited for printing


Sam & Pavan

  • Moved reach goals into objectives section as instructed

Goals for next Week

  • Have audio input fully functioning
  • Attempt to stream audio to 1 speaker in real time
  • Work a lot!

10/22/18 --> 10/28/18


  • Ordered parts (o-rings)
  • Created second speaker (rough draft) (1 hr)
  • Finished designing speaker housings(3hrs)
  • Printed one housing


  • Worked with Chance on microphone input (1 hr)
  • Worked on accelerometer to Raspberry Pi and Arduino (2 hrs)

Sam & Pavan

  • Created second speaker (rough draft) (1 hr)
  • Started working on Screen to Pi communication (2hr)

Updated Project Diagram

10/29/18 --> 11/4/18


  • Printed second speaker casing
  • Conducted waterproofing testing (1hr)
  • Got accelerometer working with Arduino (currently working on getting raw data sorted)
    (1 hr)
  • First speaker fully assembled, waterproofed, and working (3 hours)
  • Worked on second speaker casing (1 hr)


  • Started work on second speaker inside casing (30 min)
  • Researched and worked on serial communication (2 hr)
  • Worked on accelerometer code row rate algorithm (30 min)
  • Worked on LCD Screen. Able to mirror screen from monitor. (1.5 hr)
  • Microphone input and audio output working in terminal (1.5 hr). Next, have to write python script to read in audio and output in real time.

Sam & Pavan
Tested speaker with Bluetooth transmitter (30 min)

Updated Project Diagram
CruTooth diagram.JPG

11/5/18 --> 11/11/18


  • Ordered new battery for speakers (30 mins)
  • Tested new speakers for charging ability and sound quality (2hrs)


  • Wrote a python script that inputs and outputs audio. The program has to be modified slightly to continuously read and output audio, but have the general concept working. (2.5 hrs)
  • Researched compatibility of LCD screen recommended by professor for our project and ordered. (30 min)

Sam & Pavan

  • Updated Budget

11/12/18 --> 11/18/18


  • Wired arduino to LCD Screen and tested functionality as per LINK(2 hr)
  • Created CAD files for Pi Casing (1hr)
  • Got basic output on LCD (1hr)


  • Finished microphone input streaming. A little laggy but able to consistently stream audio (3 hrs)

11/19/18 --> 11/25/18

Pavan and Sam

  • Worked on Poster (1.5 hrs)
  • Thanksgiving Break-Minimal work done

11/26/18 --> 12/2/18


  • Finished row rate algorithm (3 hrs)
  • Added button and finished coding (2 hrs)


  • Soldered screen assembly (2hrs)
  • Created CAD and printed casing (2hrs)

Pavan and Sam

  • Finished Poster (1.5 hrs)
  • Put components into container and soldered connections (3 hrs)
  • Fully assembled fully working device!

12/3/18 --> 12/9/18

Pavan and Sam
Finished final report and tutorial (3.5 hrs)