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Week 1 (9/4/17)

We formed our group and started talking about project ideas. We then met to discuss all of the ideas we had. We then met with Jim to talk about our ideas a decided on a football helmet with a sensor to monitor concussions. We then created the wiki page for our group.

Week 2 (9/11/17)

This week we met with our TA, Nathan, and solidified our project concept. We talked about how we are going to execute our idea and what parts we will need to order. We also created our Gantt chart, splitting up all of the tasks we will need to complete throughout the semester. This week we also met with Jim to discuss the logistics of our project and talked about what skills and materials we would need to fulfill our goals for the project.

Week 3 (9/18/17)


This week we met with Nathan and solidified the logistics of our projects, i.e., the set up of arduinos and communication between the helmet and sideline via radio frequency (0.75 hours).


I coded the arduino to have the LED light flash in more code '205' (1 hours).


I researched the various types of arduinos needed for our project. I then researched options for the specific parts that we need (2 hours). I updated the project proposal to reflect the project logistics we discussed with Nathan (0.5 hours). I updated the gantt chart to reflect what we discussed with Nathan (0.5 hours).


I created the budget, including all of the items that we need to order as well as other materials that we will need and are provided by the class. I also looked into the option of a touch screen LCD (1 hour).

Arduino Video:

Link to main project page