Concussion Coach Log

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Week 1 (9/4/17)

We formed our group and started talking about project ideas. We then met to discuss all of the ideas we had. We then met with Jim to talk about our ideas a decided on a football helmet with a sensor to monitor concussions. We then created the wiki page for our group.

Week 2 (9/11/17)

  • met with Nathan and solidified project concept
  • formulated project proposal
  • created gantt chart
  • met with Jim and discussed project logistics

Week 3 (9/18/17)

  • solidified logistics with Nathan (all) - 0.75 hours
  • updated gantt chart (Darby)- 0.5 hours
  • research arduino setups (Darby)- 2 hours
  • update project proposal (Darby)- 0.5 hours
  • created budget (Emma)- 1 hour
  • coded ardino (Colton) - 1 hour
Arduino Video:

Link to main project page