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Week of January 27th

Cj Wilson: ~2 hours~ Created trello, formed general Gantt Chart, edited wiki, found some materials.

Whole Group: ~2 hours~ Formatted and found material prices

Goals for Next week:

  • Order parts
  • Finalize project idea
  • Create drawing of prototype
  • Start designing 3D parts
  • Work on if not complete the night light challenge

Week of February 4

Whole group:~1.5 hours~ Brainstormed ideas for construction and solidified parts

Wika: Ordered parts - weight sensor, tubing, pump

Cj Wilson ~1hr~ Compiled list of 3D printed parts needed and designed spout

Tom ~1hr~ Work on presentation

Whole group: ~3hrs~ Worked on night light challenge (circuit), and completed blink with arduino

Whole group: ~3 hours~ Soldered the NL perfboard, designed and sent to printing for the NL 3D case, put parts in locker, created presentation

Diagram of perfboard

Code for arduino on GitHub

Goals for next week:

Test out parts

Find Coding

Week of Febuary 11

Whole group: ~3hrs~: worked on design flaws, must return some parts. discussed compilation of parts

2/14 Cj Wilson: ~1.5 hr~ Sketched design for bottle holders and researched code for the pumps now on trello.


2/17/19 Whole Group: Flow Chart for arduino pins

Bib circuit 1.PNG

Goals for Next Week:

Complete arduino blinker

Test out materials

Solidify Flow chart

Decide on bottle size and purchase

3d print night light from different source

A/D converter testing

Week of February 18

2/18/19 CJ and Weronika: ~1 hr~ made external LED blink, team meeting

2/22/19 CJ ~4 hrs~ soldered the battery back onto the nightlight and put it together. Checked if Pump worked attached to 12V, connected to driver, pumps water, created code to pump water for certain times.

2/24/19 Cj~ 2hrs~ tested the photo resistor, need to do further testing with stronger LEDS. Tested with plastics cups and water. Results: slight change but need to confirm to see if they are drastic enough and consistent for accurate readings.

two yellow: with water~ 12 without water~12.5

two blue: with water~ 11 without water~ 15 blue light is better

2/24/19 Tom ~2hr~ Made code diagrams and worked on code

Goals for next week:

Start coding for drinks

Test weight sensor

Figure out our display

Week of February 25th

Tom ~ 2hr~ Changed code chart and worked on lcd display

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 12.44.56 PM.png

Cj~1.5hr~ 3/1 Worked on Photoresistor, stumbled upon the idea of using a sonar. did some basic research on how to hook up sonar. Tested with plastic and glass

Glass with water--2.8kiloohms Glass without water--2.3kiloohms

Plastic with water--3.1kiloohms Plastic without water-- 2.6 kiloohms

Cj~2.5hrs~Hooked up sonar and coded it to sense when an object is 6 inches away. once it is atleast 6 inches away an LED goes from green to red. I think that this will be a more accurate way to tell distance. I did test with water and it seems to work.

Goals for next week:

Have screen menu coded

Get bottles and create case for them

Test weight sensor

More testing on sonar

Startcode for motors

hook up relay with motor

Test the photoresistor with voltage divider

Week of March 4

Whole Group~1hr~ team meeting. discussed deliverables

Tom ~3hr~ Got LCD display working [1]

CJ: Ultra sonics vs Light Resistor, get holder modeled, How is the container going to look

Weronika: Get weight sensor working (if it comes in time), get the pump to stop pumping when a threshold is reached. Get motor and relay working the arduino can turn on the relay that will allow the motor to turn on.

Tom: Program LCD to be able to select thru different menus, feed back from LCD to arduino

Will: Show team how to use the 5V relay module, ref voltage

Cj Wilson ~2hrs~ 3/7/19

tester with LED BLue and 220k resistor:

plastic cup:

with water: 835

without water: 940

learned about analog reference, Reference voltage and the voltage divider. Attempted to calculate resistance need to get a factor of ten difference but every approach gave us negative numbers for the resistance. Will design case for both and discuss further with Jim.

Tom~1hr~ 3/7/19 Worked on LCD and got return to work for first drink.

Cj~longer than it should have been~ 3/10/19 Awkwardly asked flight attendant for bottles after they did concessions for everyone mission accomplished!

Cj Wilson~4hrs~3/13/19

Designed bottom and tops for bottles

BIB Sensor Top.JPG Sonar Top

BIB Sensor Base.JPG Sonar Bottom

BIB Photoresistor Base.JPG Photoresistor Base

Tom ~1.5hr~ 3/17/19 Added another failsafe to LCD Display

Tom ~1 hr~ 3/17/19 Cleaned up LCD and started to write a check method

LCD Display

Weronika ~2hr~ 3/14/2019 Connected load cell components, found code and measured weight with arduino. Need to find mass of known weight to find calibration factor (-270) and change units from lbs to grams. Calibration code and scale code on github

Weronika ~3hr~ 3/17/2019 Connected relay, two drivers, three pumps and arduino, need to troubleshoot

Weronika ~4hr~ 3/8/2019 Got pumps to alternate running on a timer (code on github), began working on code to make pumps run until threshold and then switch to next pump. Load cell is best used when mounted. Changed load cell units to grams.

Pumps alternating on a timer

Week of 3/18

To Do this week:

Meet with Jim with reference on Wednesday?

- need to meet with Weronika

Tom~2 hr~ 3/18/19 Finished LCD and worked on check supplies method

Cj WIlson~ 1 hr~ 3/18/19 worked with tom on screening.

Weronika ~2hr~ 3/19/19 rewired relay to use one driver

Tom~2hrs~ 3/19/19 Worked on weight sensor and empty method

Relay schematic.JPG

Cj Wilson~2hrs~ 3/20/19 Discussed with Jim next steps for Photoresistor. Calculated the ideal resistor by taking the voltage equation and maximizing it. The ideal resistor we need is 11.8k. Created the Arduino code for the Photoresistor to test if bottle is empty. I think.

Tom~1hrs~ 3/19/19 Worked on weight sensor

Weronika ~1hr~ with Will, modified arduino code to switch relay upon input. Cj, Will and I filmed this lovely video:

Relays switching upon 1, 2, 3, 0 input to serial monitor, with pump 3 pumping water. Code on Github.

Tom~ 1hr~ worked on weight sensor code to near completion and worked on integrating code

Week of 3/25

To Do this week:

Drink Code

Mount Calibration Factor

Cj Weronika Tom and Will 3-26-19 ~2hrs~ Decided on dimensions, added setup to the LCD code, planned out construction of the box. Concluded that we must work all together on drink code. Scheduled times to meet up and work on it. Broke down Drink code steps.

3-26-19 Enigneering time.jpg

Cj Weronika 3-26-19 ~1hr~ Worked on mount for weight sensor

Tom 3-26-19 ~1hr~ added states to the state machine

Cj 3-26-19 ~1hr~ Constructed weight sensor

Cj 3-27-19 ~5 hours~ Constructed the drink code and Mount Calibration factor issues.

Tom 3-27-19 ~1/2 hr~ commented code and cleaned it up

Cj 3-28-19 ~1hr~ drew the holes for the weight sensor, Drilled holes in the wood and mounted the weight sensor onto boards. looks good.

Cj 3-29-19 ~3 hrs~ Worked on calibrating the load cell and running liquid tests. Having trouble finding consistent calibration factor due to the weight drifting. tenative calibration factor is around -1995?

Week of 4/1

Whole Group 4/1 ~1hr~ Meeting with Jim designated deliverables.

   - Work on final draft.
   -Update the dimensions and Jim will cut them.
   -Have a drink made by next Friday or early next week. 
   -Go through the code and comment, be sure to reference where the code is coming from. 
   -Poster: challenges, budget, project, process, QR code for the link.
   -Tutorial: Photoresistor liquid level detection

Weronika: work on final report, redesign of wiki page, get wood.

CJ: tutorial, update dimensions,

Tom: comment code, clean up code

Cj and Tom: implement the methods to one file. Sunday after 2

Tom~1hr~ 4/2 cleaned up code and commented it

Cj 4/3 ~1.5 hrs~ Tutorial.

Cj 4/4 ~1hr~ Re-size the boards and resent Jim email.

Cj 4/7 ~3.5hrs~ Updated the Designs and Solutions page and compiled the code and Cleaned up Toms code and commented it.

Tom 4/7 ~2.5 hrs~ Worked on code

Goals for next week:

  - Test compiled code
  - Build Box
  - make drink

Week 4/8

Goals for this week:

    -Meet on Wednesday
    -Construct circuit and check

whole group 4/8 ~1hr~ Discussed with Jim further plans and solidified plans for the construction of the box.

Cj 4/8 ~2hrs~ Figuring out how to diagram everything onto Fritzing

Cj 4/9 ~2.5hrs~ Continue to work on Fritzing Diagram Overall Circuit hopefully.JPG

Cj amd Tom 4/10~3.5hrs~ Built the Circuit and modified the code. Successfully poured every drink. Did not have the tubes but Weronika is bringing them in tonight. This will work the same way but water will be pumped through tubes. Video below. Must download to view.

Cj 4/12 ~1hour~ worked on setting up the photo resistors to test the empty bottles

Cj 4/13 ~4 hours~ Ran into difficulties setting up the photoresistors. Have set them up but the LCD Screen was not working. Changed the wires now works, Now the weight sensor wont work. cant change the wires because they have been soldered. Tried rewiring and it was unsuccessful. Worked on poster board.

Tom ~4/14 ~4 hours~ LCD is still not working with the aurdino. Got it to work with a different board. Weight Sensor is returning zeros despite how much weight there is. It returns 0.0 for any weight on it. The problems is with the output. Checked all wire connections but still couldn't find any problems there, but I fixed some loose lights and other things.

Goals for next week:

     - Figure out what is up with weight sensor
     - Create poster Board
     - Paper
     - Poster Board finalization
     - Construct Box DUH.

Week 4/15


    - Figured out weight sensor is broken. Ordered new one.
    -Tom: Construct Box
    -Cj: Edit code, poster board, Wiki, create solder board, solder,cry

Cj 4/16~2hrs~ Worked on Fritzing and perfboard. Finished the poster in theory.

Final poster for engineering design.JPG

Cj 4/17~4 hrs~ Soldered some main components set up perfBoard design. Made adjustments to the code. Waiting on weight sensor to completely finish.

Tom 4/17~1hr~Started construction of the box

PerfBoard Layout.JPG

Cj Wilson4/18~3hrs~ Redesigned PerfBoard, Updated Wiki, Soldered equipment

Cj Wilson 4/19~ 3hrs~ soldered wires and got screws for weight sensor

Tom 4/19 ~2.5 hrs~ Worked more on the box

Cj Wilson 4/20 ~7 hrs~ Finished soldering, Tested complete system with everything hooked up. Ran into error with LCD Screen and weight sensor. Both seemed to be glitchy. Fixed the LCD screen by switching the ports to analog ports, and the Weight sensor was fidgety. It seems to work by the end but the circuit can't be adjusted at all. The code then crashes at the end of each drink. Must debug the check method tomorrow. Worked on poster Board round 2

Tom 4/20 ~5hrs~ finished the box minus the electronics and the pieces that go on after that.

Cj Wilson 4/21 ~2.5hrs~ Ran into some issues. When finishing drink one, the statement doesn't get to the finish statement it jumps into the case of d3 strong. The variable that identifies is not changed. therefore there is no reasonable way it jumps into this if statement. also Vin is outputting power, which seems not good. The shock protector was experiences surging of power. Then LCD screen will occasionally not work. "a lot of magic fuckery"-Will. We inputted print statements. that confused us more with unreasonable outputs. then LCD/Arduino doesn't know how to function and glitches. HELP. Final poster for engineering design 2.JPG

Week of 4/22

Cj Wilson 4/23 ~3 hours~ switched power supply so that there are two power supplies. The issues I had previously are now resolved. WOOOOOOOOOOO the MACHINE WORKS!!!!!!! Now must construct and edit posterboard so it is an accurate depiction of our circuit. Thank you Jim\

Cj Wilson 4/24 ~4 hours~ started the assembly of the box. Had to re-solder a couple attachments, de-solder the LCD, screwed in the motors arranged everything correctly. Updated the code so it would run for pouring shots not for pouring full drinks due to the tube size. Adjusted poster

Cj Wilson 4/25 ~1hour~ recorded video as proof that it works. Tom is coming in later to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

Tom 4/25 ~1hr~ built a wall for between the weight sensor and the rest of the box