Cocktail Maker Log

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Week of January 27th

Cj Wilson: ~2 hours~ Created trello, formed general Gantt Chart, edited wiki, found some materials.

Whole Group: ~2 hours~ Formatted and found material prices

Goals for Next week:

  • Order parts
  • Finalize project idea
  • Create drawing of prototype
  • Start designing 3D parts
  • Work on if not complete the night light challenge

Week of February 4

Whole group:~1.5 hours~ Brainstormed ideas for construction and solidified parts

Wika: Ordered parts - weight sensor, tubing, pump

Cj Wilson ~1hr~ Compiled list of 3D printed parts needed and designed spout

Tom ~1hr~ Work on presentation

Whole group: ~3hrs~ Worked on night light challenge (circuit), and completed blink with arduino

Whole group: ~3 hours~ Soldered the NL perfboard, designed and sent to printing for the NL 3D case, put parts in locker, created presentation

Diagram of perfboard

Code for arduino on GitHub

Goals for next week:

Test out parts

Find Coding

Week of Febuary 11

Whole group: ~3hrs~: worked on design flaws, must return some parts. discussed compilation of parts

2/14 Cj Wilson: ~1.5 hr~ Sketched design for bottle holders and researched code for the pumps now on trello.


2/17/19 Whole Group: Flow Chart for arduino pins

Bib circuit 1.PNG

Goals for Next Week:

Complete arduino blinker

Test out materials

Solidify Flow chart

Decide on bottle size and purchase

3d print night light from different source

A/D converter testing

Week of February 18

2/18/19 CJ and Weronika: ~1 hr~ made external LED blink, team meeting

2/22/19 CJ ~4 hrs~ soldered the battery back onto the nightlight and put it together. Checked if Pump worked attached to 12V, connected to driver, pumps water, created code to pump water for certain times.

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 3.43.20 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 2.10.28 PM.png

2/24/19 Cj~ 2hrs~ tested the photo resistor, need to do further testing with stronger LEDS. Tested with plastics cups and water. Results: slight change but need to confirm to see if they are drastic enough and consistent for accurate readings.

two yellow: with water~ 12 without water~12.5

two blue: with water~ 11 without water~ 15 blue light is better

2/24/19 Tom ~2hr~ Made code diagrams and worked on code

Goals for next week:

Start coding for drinks

Test weight sensor

Figure out our display

Week of February 25th

Tom ~ 2hr~ Changed code chart and worked on lcd display

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 12.44.56 PM.png

Cj~1.5hr~ 3/1 Worked on Photoresistor, stumbled upon the idea of using a sonar. did some basic research on how to hook up sonar. Tested with plastic and glass

Glass with water--2.8kiloohms Glass without water--2.3kiloohms

Plastic with water--3.1kiloohms Plastic without water-- 2.6 kiloohms

Cj~2.5hrs~Hooked up sonar and coded it to sense when an object is 6 inches away. once it is atleast 6 inches away an LED goes from green to red. I think that this will be a more accurate way to tell distance. I did test with water and it seems to work.

Goals for next week:

Have screen menu coded

Get bottles and create case for them

Test weight sensor

More testing on sonar

Startcode for motors