Cocktail Maker

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Link to Trello

Team Members

Cj Wilson

Tom Fare

Weronika Pach

Will Parkinson, TA

Jim Feher, Instructor


Our objective is to create a machine that will generate at least one mixed drink at the push of a button.


  • 3D printing

Learn Solidworks. Design specific dimensions Build models using Solidworks and 3D print them.

  • Arduino

Learn Arduino programming language. Implementing the Arduino code with distance sensor and valve/pump. Debugging code and adjusting parameters to control the measurements.

  • Hardware

Design a circuit that connects the pump and valves, push button and weight sensor to the Arduino. Assuring the pumps dispense the correct amount of liquid.

  • Safety

Electricity hazard when circuit interacts with liquids Leakage from the tubes.

Gantt Chart

Coming soon!