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This is a tutorial on how to use the python chess engine and stockfish engine


Raspberry pi


  • In order to use stockfish via pychess, we need to use UCI (follow the link in UCI).

  • Avoid large paragraphs of text, tend towards clear, concise steps
  • Include pictures as much as possible, especially for key steps. This may be in the form of a photograph, screenshot, drawing, etc.
  • All text should be styled appropriately. Code should be in code blocks, key words and notes should be in bold.
  • Logical groups of steps should be broken down under different sub-headers within this section
  • Language should be grammatically correct, and the first person shouldn't be used


  • Nhut Dang
  • Robert Goodloe
  • Ethan Shry(TA)

Fall 2018

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External References

pychess library

stockfish library