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The school's Bloomberg terminals are tools which can be used to extract data on historical stock, commodity, and index pricing data. This tutorial will cover how to extract such data to an excel workbook.


  • A valid WUSTL key and password
  • USB flash drive
  • A list of information to be extracted


Excel once opened Spreadsheet builder

Select Data Successfully downloaded data

First go to the Kopolow Business Library on the second floor of Simon Hall, where the Bloomberg terminals are located.

  • Use the training Bloomberg terminal (the first one on the left)
  • Open the Bloomberg terminal and search for information that should be extracted.
  • Once the ticker symbol is found, then open excel
  • Open the Bloomberg tab and click "Import Data" then choose to create a historical data table.
  • Once the spreadsheet builder loads, enter the ticker symbol that was identified through the terminal into the search bar
  • Then hit next and choose which the fields to extract, and hit next
    • This is the tricky part. Commodities have different data tags than securities so it is important to know what information is needed in this step
  • Select the date range to extract and hit next, then create
    • If today's date is chosen as the most recent date, some data fields may give an error. Example: Closing price at 1:00 pm.

Now the spreadsheet should be full of desired data. If there is an error, chances are something is not right about the data fields selected. After correcting this and there are still issues then reach out to a librarian. If the librarian is unable to help, then hit the F1 key and ask a Bloomberg expert. This can only be done from the training terminal.


This page was written by Stock Analysis group in Fall 2018.

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