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thumb Weekly log for Blink Box project

Yuanxiao Gao, Samuel Hoff

Week of September 8

We met with Mo, our TA to discuss how we should proceed with our project.

We determined that we are going to 3-D print a box that will be equipped with a camera, raspberry pi, and a locking mechanism. The purpose of this is to unlock or remain locked based on the state of the user’s eyes. Since it is very difficult to detect a true blink, we will use a three-stage passcode. The way this passcode will be input is by flashing an LED and then taking a picture of the user’s face three times. Each time the picture will be assessed by the raspberry pi and, depending on if the state of the eyes in each state matched the current passcode, the box will unlock or not. We also met with Dr. Feher and discussed what the progression of this project is likely to look like. First, we are to figure out facial detection (if we fail at that we will find a more reasonable form of user input). Once this is done, we will upload this code to a raspberry pi and get it to compile there. After this, we will make the box and wire the LEDs and relay to the raspberry pi so that everything works together properly.

Week of September 15

This week, we met to look into the feasibility of us being able to actually implement some form of facial detection library and we deemed it too difficult, especially considering the other tasks we would have to complete along with facial detection. We are likely to pursue a less complicated method. This is likely to include light sensors and an input consisting of blocking those sensors in a pattern. One idea that we are considering is to have some sort of circular dial with a hole in one side of it to allow light through. This hole would only allow light to shine on one sensor at a time and the dial would rotate, like a combination lock. The user would twist it in a combination that is the existing pass code and the box would unlock if the code is correct. This code would be programmable by the user and stored until the user wants to change it.

Week of September 22