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Week of January 29

Wednesday: group met from 2-4 and discussed challenges of the project. We researched what exactly we will use to build the device as well as worked on the Gantt chart.

Week of February 5

Sunday 2/4: Hannah spent 1 hour downloading and learning more about the Python program.


  • What to put into the algorithm
  • Getting GIS to work
  • Getting GIS to work
  • QGIS download
  • Read more info

Download Pycharm + QGIS

Monday 2/5: Hannah spent 1 hour creating powerpoint presentation for class presentation.

Wednesday 2/7: Group met for one hour adding to wiki page and project proposal

Tuesday 2/13: Wiki page was updated to include TA, Gantt Chart and a longer description of the project. The presentation was also worked on for the class.

Link to main project page