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==Week of February 26==
'''Sunday 2/25:''' Created program in python to figure out distance between two coordinates.
==Current Goals==
==Current Goals==

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Week of January 29

Wednesday: group met from 2-4 and discussed challenges of the project. We researched what exactly we will use to build the device as well as worked on the Gantt chart.

Week of February 5

Sunday 2/4: Hannah spent 1 hour downloading and learning more about the Python program.


  • What to put into the algorithm
  • Getting GIS to work
  • Getting GIS to work
  • QGIS download
  • Read more info

Download Pycharm + QGIS

Monday 2/5: Hannah spent 1 hour creating powerpoint presentation for class presentation.

Wednesday 2/7: Group met for one hour adding to wiki page and project proposal

Week of February 12

Tuesday 2/13: Wiki page was updated to include TA, Gantt Chart and a longer description of the project. The presentation was also worked on for the class.

Wednesday 2/14: Today we hashed out our GANTT chart, in addition to making additions to our longterm goals. We updated our wiki, and have goals for next week to present our proposal, become adept in python and gather the data of distances.

Wednesday 2/16: Presented project proposal to class.

Week of February 19

Sunday 2/18: Watched multiple python tutorial videos. Most helpful links is below.


Week of February 26

Sunday 2/25: Created program in python to figure out distance between two coordinates.

Current Goals

Python Skills:

Given two points, calculates distance between the two (2d coordinates)

Program, given n points, gives distance between all points in sorted order

arcGIS :

Be able to load up Python environment and get points from a layer (list of points)

Link to main project page