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Team Members

Hannah Smith

Zahra Wright

Noah Kastelman

John Gibson (TA)


We are creating an “Accessibility Map” program available to WashU students and visitors. This map will tell you the most efficient route to take while on the WashU campus. This will allow students or visitors to get different places as quickly as they can. It will also be able to tell you the best route if you are handicap by taking out the pathways that are not handicap accessible.



Paths, Buildings, Distances -we will be collecting data to input into our algorithm -this will include routes both handicapped accessible and not


Dijkstra's Algorithm - with inputed data distances, this will compute the shortest distance between a destination and current location


Website ArcGIS - we want to display the fastest route using a website display.


As a group, we will have challenges adapting to a new coding language (python) and adjusting our algorithm, GIS, to match our goals. Because we have never created a webpage, using an algorithm to make walking WashU's campus easier, will be hard to develop.

'Final Product Expectations

  • topological data for campus paths w/ different weights for different mobilities
  • Shortest path from a to b for different mobilities
  • Final path exported as GIS waypoints

Gantt Chart

Gantt chart.png

Link to weekly log