Homework Grading

This page describes the procedure we use to grade homeworks submitted electronically through Blackboard. If you have be selected as a homework grader, you will use this procedure to obtain your homeworks, mark them up, and communicate the grades back to the instructor.

For each grader, we will create a private folder on WUSTL Box. In this folder, we will place the PDFs (collected from Blackboard) for all the homework problems you are responsible for grading. This folder will also contain

My solution set will be available from the course web site.

You should receive an invitation email from Box when your folder is created; log into Box to see it. Once you're logged in, read the grading guide, both the general overview and the section that pertains to your problem. The guide will explain the grading scale and how to apply it. Then, download your assigned PDFs and record your grading comments and raw score directly on each PDF. Only the marked-up PDF files will be returned to students, so you must record your feedback and score on these files. The raw score for each problem should be written near the top of its first page.

Many modern PDF readers can save comments directly onto the PDF file. Free tools that you can download to mark up PDFs include

In addition, Mac users can use the built-in Preview tool to record comments on a PDF.

Please also look at the text file accompanying each PDF. In that file, you can see a "Date Submitted" line indicating the date and time that it was turned in. If the turn-in time is not within one hour of the due date/time (the usual start-of-class time on the due date), please put a mark in the "Late" column for that problem on the spreadsheet. You should grade the problem as usual, even if it was late.

When you have marked up your PDFs, make sure you do all of the following:

If you have concerns about how to grade a particular student's homework, or about a possible case of cheating, please leave a note next to the grade (if any) on the relevant spreadsheet line, so that we know to take a look before returning the problem. Do not record your concerns on the homework PDF itself -- anything you write there will be seen by the student.

Last update: 9/27/2016