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ReactJS is a JavaScript library for building user interface. React allows developers to create large web-applications that use data that can change over time, without reloading the page. It aims primarily to provide speed, simplicity and scalability. React processes only user interfaces in applications. This corresponds to View in the Model-View-Controller(MVC) pattern, and can be used in combination with other JavaScript libraries or frameworks in MVC, such as AngularJS. Several notable features of ReactJS are one-way data flow, JSX, component-based.

ReactJS docs: Before starting on the assignment, please complete the quick start tutorial step by step. The advanced guides and the tutorial are helpful and to master ReactJS you will need to learn these. However, for this module, you are not required to do these parts.

Individual Assignment

In this assignment, you will build a ReactJS restaurant website. To learn ReactJS, please view and complete this tutorial and read the introduction of route carefully.

After creating a new React application, you will only need to modify the files in src folder and the
tag in /public/index.html index.html is the webpage you will work on, and all the components you will build are in this single div:
<div id="root"></div>