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Module 5 is your chance to complete a project of your own creation. There's a reason this class has "Creative Programming" in the title.


Your project should incorporate topics we have learned throughout this corse, but it should be focussed primarily on some new concept or concepts relating to web development. You should continue the best practices and security protocols you have learned in previous modules as well.


We have looked through the projects submitted by all groups, and we have picked out a few technologies that turned up frequently. Below is a short summary of these technologies and the TAs who can help answer questions about them.

HTML5 Canvas

The HTML5 <canvas> element enables you to render dynamic graphics in real-time in the browser. In many ways, you can think of HTML5 Canvas as a substitute for Flash Player: most tasks that Flash Player can do, <canvas> can do just as well.

Here are examples of some things you can do with the HTML5 Canvas:

You may want to consider using a dedicated JavaScript library for interfacing with the Canvas. This will ensure better compatibility, and the documentation should be more helpful than trying to figure out the native Canvas methods. Here are some promising Canvas libraries:

TA Experts

  • Paul
  • Marc


It is common to see maps embedded in web sites. Google Maps, Nokia Maps, and Mapquest are three examples.

Cendors like Google, Nokia, and Mapquest provide APIs that make it easy for you, the developer, to use their maps on your site. For example, this is all the code you need to display a map of Wash U's campus using the Nokia Map API:

map = new"mapDiv"), {
   zoomLevel: 15,
   center: [38.648044, -90.304881]

TA Experts

  • Sid
  • Todd


Due Date: Wednesday, November 14 by 1pm