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== Grading ==
== Grading ==
<big>'''Due Date: _____'''</big>
<span style="font-size:2em; line-height:2em;">'''Due Date: _____'''</span>

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In Module 1, you will learn about Linux System Administration, and you will set up a web server on Amazon Web Services.

This article contains your assignments for Module 1.


Learn About Linux

Linux is an open-source operating system based on UNIX. Linux is highly versatile and is used in a wide range of applications.

If you are not a Linux guru, read the Linux guide to get started: Linux

Create an AWS EC2 Instance

Once you understand Linux, you need to set up your Amazon EC2 Instance. Use the AWS article to guide you through the process: Amazon Web Services

Add your Own User Account

On your EC2 instance, set up your own personal account.

For information on how to add a user account, see the Linux guide: Linux#User Management

You need to do the following things once you've created your account:

  1. Add your account to the Sudoers list. Instructions are in the Linux guide.
  2. Allow your user to log in via SSH. Instructions are in the Web Server Configuration guide: Web Server Configuration

From now on, you should log into your EC2 instance using only your own username and not the default username that Amazon gives you (ec2-user or ubuntu).

Set the Timezone

Set your server to use US Central time. Instructions are in the Linux guide: Linux#Synchronizing Date and Time

Set Up the Apache Web Server

You need to install the Apache web server on your EC2 instance. Instructions are in the Web Server Configuration guide: Web Server Configuration#Apache

In order for your web server to be accessible, you need to open up Port 80 on your EC2 instance. Instructions are in the AWS guide: Amazon Web Services#Enabling Web Access to your EC2 Instance

Enable the UserDir module in Apache. Instructions are in the Web Server Configuration guide: Web Server Configuration#Enabling the UserDir Module

Remap the UserDir module to .html Instructions are also in the Web Server Configuration guide in the same section as above.

Set Up Subversion

You need to set up subversion on your EC2 instance as well as your desktop.

This semester's Subversion repository is: https://shell.cec.wustl.edu:8443/cse330_fl12/svn/Lastname-studentid

  • Replace Lastname with your last name (capitalize the first letter in the last name) and studentid with your student ID
  • Do not forget the underscore between cse330 and su12 (NOT A SPACE)

Instructions for configuring Subversion are in the Web Server Configuration guide: Web Server Configuration#Subversion


Due Date: _____

Assignment Points
Creating your VM 1
Working SSH 1
Working user account 1
Working NTP (correct time zone) 1
Remap userdir 1
Apache Setup 1
SVN setup on Amazon Instance 1
SVN setup on Eclipse 1