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* [[HTML and CSS]]
* [[HTML and CSS]]
* [[HTML Forms]]

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Module 1
HTML and CSS Fundamentals

Module 3
SQL Databases


Module 4
Scripting for Rapid Prototyping

Module 5
Version Control Systems and Web Frameworks


under construction

Module 7
Real-Time Web Applications



Use this wiki as a starting place for your projects in CSE 330. However, web development is a large field, so it is impossible for us to document everything you might need to know. Here are some other places you should look when you need to find something:

If you can't find what you need in any of these places, try using your favorite search engine. Be wary of sites that come up on search engines. Many HTML reference sites document bad practices and dated techniques. If you're unsure whether a reference site you find is legitimate, ask a TA.