Race Conditions Studio

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Race conditions can lead to difficult bugs to find and fix. We gain experience finding them and fixing them.


In this studio, you will take in a collection of strings, clean up each string, and add it into another collection of strings concurrently.

The Core Questions

Really think about these questions in each case. Knowing the answers to these will tell you where the problem is.

  • What are the tasks?
  • What is the data?
  • Is the data mutable?
  • If so, how is it shared?

Code To Debug

Word Score

class: SuspectWordScore.java Debugging icon.png
methods: toCleanedWordsViaArray
package: racecondition.wordscore.studio
source folder: src/main/java

method: public static List<String> toCleanedWordsViaArray(Collection<String> sourceLines) Parallel.svg (parallel implementation required)

Testing Your Solution


class: WordScoreTestSuite.java Junit.png
package: acecondition.wordscore.studio
source folder: src/test/java

Pledge, Acknowledgments, Citations

file: studio-race-condition-word-score-pledge-acknowledgments-citations.txt

More info about the Honor Pledge