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Welcome to the wiki for CSE 231 Introduction to Parallel and Concurrent Programming at Washington University in St. Louis.


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Studios and Assignments

These studios and assignments are organized in chronological order.

  1. Assignment: Nucleobase Counting
  2. Assignment: SimpleList and SimpleMap Assignment
  3. Assignment: Threads and Executors
  4. Assignment: MapReduce
  5. Assignment: N-Queens/Sudoku Assignment
  6. Assignment: K-MerCounting Assignment



Habanero Content Assist

Lambda Content Assist


upper lower split

integer range

Getting Around Finality

N-Way Split

Parallel N-Way Split


Divide and Conquer





Every week, we gather the most commonly asked questions from your Q&S forms and add them to our FAQ section. Please use it as a resource!

Course Setup

We will use educational videos made by Rice University as prep work for the course. Sign up for an account here.

You will also need to set up some software for the course. Refer to the articles below for help.

Help with Java

Help with Habanero

Help with Eclipse

Math That Somehow Proves Problematic


Class Policies and Grading Breakdown

Grading breakdown:

note: assignment percentages corrected to 40%