Initial Setup

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Create account on

Sign up for RiceX's COMP322

Complete RiceX Unit 1.1 Lecture, Demo, Quiz

Complete RiceX Unit 1.2 Lecture, Demo, Quiz

Fill out Synthesis & Question Form


Sign up for piazza

Join 231 on piazza


Download JDK13

Install JDK13


Download and install one of: Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, or VS Code. Eclipse is the most well traveled path in CSE 231s. However, students have had success with IntelliJ and VS Code in the past.


Download Up To Date Version (2019‑12) of Eclipse

Install Eclipse (Select Eclipse IDE for Java Developers)


Test Eclipse

IntelliJ IDEA

[IntelliJ IDEA]

VS Code

[Java in Visual Studio Code]


Submit results to Form


Write pseudocode for this process to parallelize these tasks with async and finish where possible.

To make it interesting... assume JDK13 must be installed before Eclipse can be installed.