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Eclipse is a very powerful IDE for Java development. You can download it from This page will contain tips for using Eclipse more efficiently in this class.


Sometimes after you pull from git you will find that your project needs to be refreshed. The following steps are a bit heavy handed, but often will get your project back up and working again.

Select your project in the package explorer:

  1. "F5" to refresh
  2. "Alt-F5" to refresh Maven
  3. "Project" -> "Clean..." from the menu bar.

Note in order to invoke the function keys on some laptops you need to press the Function modifier key.


Sometimes refreshing Maven isn't enough.


Content Assist

Content assist is amazing. You should use it.


On the Mac, the Spotlight often masks content assist. Follow this guide to set up a new keyboard shortcut of your choosing.


On Windows it is pretty easy. Just type Ctrl+SPACE.

Content Assist lambda ()->{}

set up "body" template to produce an empty lambda (see images below)

Text for the copy buffer:

() -> {

example usage:

type async
type ctrl+SPACE (or whatever you have mapped content assist to)
type ctrl+SPACE (or whatever you have mapped content assist to)
type ENTER



Content Assist async,finish imports

All classes are equal but some classes are more equal than others. The following will single out the V5 class to promote the static methods async, finish, and friends to be offered in content assist.




Git Action Set

Pulling, Committing, and Pushing to your git repo on bitbucket will be common operations. Make the operations more readily available:




JDK Setup

By default Eclipse is often configured to use the JRE. Switching to the JDK is a easy way to get access to the Java source code which is great for tunneling in to see how the system is implemented.



JavaFX Setup

We will use JavaFX for some visualizations this semester. Installing the JavaFX plugin will get clean up the compiler warnings.

video walkthrough

Install the e(fx)clipse plugin via Help -> Eclipse Marketplace:


MarketplaceE FX Clipse.png


sudo apt-get install openjfx


sudo yum install openjfx

Hierarchical Package Presentation

As the semester progresses the number of packages can get to be a bit unwieldy. Switching to Hierarchical Package Presentation might be worth trying out. EclipsePackagePresentationHighlight.png