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Academic Integrity

This is not a group project course. You are expected to complete all assignments independently.

Any act of dishonesty (e.g. cheating, lying) will be referred to the Dean's office in Engineering Student Services.

If found in violation, the student will receive an F in the course and a permanent mark on his or her record.

There is no statute of limitations for academic integrity violations. If a violation is later discovered after the completion of the course or even graduation, an F will be retroactively applied (even if it means that the offending student's degree would be revoked).

See the Undergraduate Student Academic Integrity Policy for a non-exhaustive list. If in doubt ask the Professor for clarification.

NOTE: Withdrawing from the course will not prevent the academic integrity officer or hearing panel from adjudicating the case, imposing sanctions, or recommending grade penalties, including a failing grade in the course.

While it's policies may or may not be different, CSE 131 has some general advice on academic integrity.

Honor Pledge

You will be required to fill out a pledge, acknowledgements, and citations file for each assignment. To be clear: failure to fill out this pledge will not save you from an academic integrity violation.

Example Pledge (which you are free to use):

On my honor as a student, the work I am submitting is mine own. It was created within the acceptable bounds of this course.


You are expected to attend class (on both Tuesdays and Thursdays) and you will lose points if you fail to show up more than three times. We take attendance using either clicker questions or in-class quizzes. If you need to be absent for more than three classes (for example, you will be in the hospital for two weeks), reach out to the instructors.

If you are caught trying to sign in or pick up a quiz for an absent friend, we will consider this an academic integrity violation and treat it as such. If your friends ask you to do this for them, tell them you do not want an F in the course and academic integrity violation on your record.

Q&S Forms

There will usually be a Q&S form due before every class. We expect you to complete these before class begins. Like attendance, you will only be penalized after missing more than three Q&S forms. If you fail to turn these in on time for class, you can still receive 70% credit by turning them in by 11:59PM Central on Friday.


Labs come with a list of JUnit tests to help guide students past common problems. Passing all of the tests does not guarantee anything when it comes to a grade on the assignment. Labs are read by the instructors. Students are provided feedback and given an initial grade. Students then have a week from that feedback to turn in revisions which will then be reviewed and given a final grade.

Late Submissions

Labs have an original submission date. Students then receive feedback on that submission and have a week to make revisions. Students who pass (shenanigans free) all of the JUnit tests by the original submission have the additional benefit of getting their revisions checked out in class to avoid any confusion.

Portion of Grade Evaluation Technique
Original Submission 25% Non-shenanigans JUnit Test Passing
Final Revisions 75% Quality Assessment


Studios are graded automatically by how well they passes their JUnit test suites.

Studios have an automatic one week extension, with the exception of the last set of extensions which are due no later than when the class session ends.

It should go without saying that any dishonest effort to pass the tests without solving the problem would be an academic integrity violation.

Weekly Updates

Every week, you will be sent an email updating you about your progress for that week. The update will include how much credit you received on the Q&S forms, your progress on the current assignment, and any comments that TAs might have for you based on the state of your assignment. These weekly updates are only meant to help you and do not represent your final grades. For example, even if you do not get full credit on the Q&S forms because you got quiz questions wrong, as long as we see that the majority of your Q&S forms received full credit, wrong answers from genuine attempts will not be docked.