Academic Integrity

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This is not a group project course. You are expected to complete all assignments independently.

Any act of dishonesty (e.g. cheating, lying) will be referred to the Dean's office in Engineering Student Services.

If found in violation, the student will receive an F in the course and a permanent mark on his or her record.

There is no statute of limitations for academic integrity violations. If a violation is later discovered after the completion of the course or even graduation, an F will be retroactively applied (even if it means that the offending student's degree would be revoked).

See the Undergraduate Student Academic Integrity Policy for a non-exhaustive list. If in doubt ask the Professor for clarification.

NOTE: Withdrawing from the course will not prevent the academic integrity officer or hearing panel from adjudicating the case, imposing sanctions, or recommending grade penalties, including a failing grade in the course.

While it's policies may or may not be different, CSE 131 has some general advice on academic integrity.

Honor Pledge

You will be required to fill out a pledge, acknowledgements, and citations file for each assignment. To be clear: failure to fill out this pledge will not save you from an academic integrity violation.

Example Pledge (which you are free to use):

On my honor as a student, the work I am submitting is mine own. It was created within the acceptable bounds of this course.