TA Resources: Late Demos


Anything demoed after the section in which it was due is considered late.

The number of late coupons required depends on the commit time of the code being demoed. Anything demoed after class on the due date until 11:59pm the following day is considered one day late.


Ask students if they are demoing code “completed/committed today” (the day of the demo).

If yes, committed “Today”

  1. Be sure that they have committed and pushed code to the GitHub repository.
  2. Determine the number of late days based on calendar days and include it on the rubric the assignment. (Note: Once we have a way to confirm that sufficient late coupons exist, it should be checked for all students too.) Below is a table to use when assignments are due on Wed:
Demo Day Late Coupons
Wednesday (after class) 1
Thursday 1
Friday 2
Saturday 3
Sunday 4
Monday 5
Tuesday 6
Wednesday 7

Remember that assignments must always be demoed within two class periods of the original due date! (I.e., one calendar week)

If commit was “before today”

  1. Have students close any open editors/etc (Particle Desktop, Cordova, browser panes being used to show the project, etc.)
  2. Ask the students when they committed/pushed the repo to GitHub. Have them try to commit/push again to see if they are any changes.
    • If no files can be changed, this varifies that there haven’t been any updates since the last commit.
    • If there are changes, this ensures a copy is saved in case they need to revert to it.
  3. You need to access the repository on GitHub. Do either:
    • Ask the students for the Repo name
    • Ask students for the team name
    • Go to the GitHub Classroom
    • Select the Assignment
    • Browse until you find the team and click on it
    • Click on the Repositories tab
    • Click on the link for the actual repository
  4. Once on the repo, click on the Code tab and select the commits link:
    GitHub Commits
  5. Browse to the Repository that the students claim as their “finish” date.
  6. Make a note of the late coupons needed and/or enter it in the grading rubric.
  7. select the Browse this repository at this commit button (In the example below, the students would have claimed that they finished on Jan. 17th (1), which is the date that would be used to compute the late coupons. The Browse ... buttons is shown as (2))
    GitHub Browse Commit
  8. Use the Branch list to create a new branch and label it Demo. Hit enter to create the branch:
    GitHub Commits
  9. Have the students use GitHub Desktop on their computer to retrieve updates from GitHub:
    GitHub Desktop Retrieve
  10. Select the Current Branch menu and then select the Demo branch:
    GitHub Desktop Select Branch
  11. Use GitHub Desktop’s Repository menu to “show” where the project is located. For example:
    GitHub Desktop Select Branch
  12. Verify that the files from the repo are the ones using for the demo. Do each of the following as applicable:
    • Open Particle Desktop and verify that it’s pointing to the resources from the folder above.
      • Re-program Photons
    • Start Cordova and verify that it’s using the folder
    • Open a browser pane and ensure it’s open to the correct folder