Prep: Cloud 2


Last week’s studio introduced two types of cloud-based communication supported by Particle’s platform:

Both of these have some limitations:

This week’s studio will focus on:

Studio Prep (Monday)

At studio time you should have:

  1. Breadboard wired with Photon, your RGB LED, and a button
  2. Completed code from the last studio (control LED via cloud functions)

And you should have:

  1. Reviewed the details of even stream support in firmware (on the embedded device)
  2. Particle’s JavaScript API (next item to review) relies on “promises”. Promises are a common design pattern used in event driven programming. Review MDN’s Using Promises, PromisesA+, and Google Developer’s JavaScript Promises: an Introduction
  3. Reviewed the details of Particle’s JavaScript API. (You should be aware of the functions and the basic approach it uses to callbacks, bu t you do not need to install it. The Studio repo will include it.) In particular, how to call functions, retrieve variables, publish events, and subscribe to event streams.

End of Module

  1. By the end of this week (end of the modules on embedded and cloud concepts) you should have completed AdaFruit’s All the Internet of Things sequence